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Mam'k Mayor-Elect Addresses Appointment of Village Attorney

The December 4th, 2009 article by Aman Ali in the Journal News does not address the chronological or factual basis of the future appointment of the Village attorney for the Village of Mamaroneck on December 7, at the Village re-organization meeting. The policies stated during my campaign for mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck were clear and concise. The main issues, among several, were and continue to be the economic impact on the Village residents of the inflationary costs of government and communication between the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Village residents.

There is a several week period of time between the election and the swearing in of office. In the interim, I have received numerous documents that are to be addressed, including the reappointments of boards and commissions positions; and the Village attorneys, which by law, are nominated by the mayor and confirmed by a majority of the BOT. My first responsibility is to the taxpayers and residents of the Village. I promised to review the budget line by line as well as each Village department.

The first department reviewed was the legal department, as this is the mayor’s appointment. I believe that the Village will be more than sufficiently represented by a part time attorney in the current economic conditions that the Village faces in the coming year. The change will result in an approximately $100,000 immediate savings and also have the potential for a positive economic and administrative effect on other departments. This is but the first review of all Village departments with the goal of “doing more with less.”

There are claims by Trustees Hofstetter, Ryan and others of a lack of transparency. This could not be further from the truth and is in fact a moot point. The one meeting the three newly elected members of the BOT [attended], at the request of the Village manager to discuss general philosophy, clearly presented that all Village departments were subject to review and change.

Further, to that point I intentionally let be known, in fairness to Janet [Insardi, the current Village attorney,] of my plans, in lieu of waiting for the December 7th meeting. It should also be very clear that I appreciate all that Janet has done for the Village and the services she rendered. It is, however, the economics, lower revenues, environmental and flood issues that demand the change.

Regardless of political alliances, which have no part in any of the Village appointments to be made on December 7th, Christie Derrico is an attorney who is familiar with the Village and will “hit the ground running” as a former Village trustee whose past focus was on the environment with her work on the HZCM, the Environmental Committee and flooding as well as a working knowledge of the Village’s land use boards. She also brings her experience and ability as a litigator.

In the coming year, if it proves that the Village may need a full time attorney, it will be reviewed at that time. In the interim, I feel confident on behalf of the taxpayers of the Village of Mamaroneck a part time attorney with the proper priority and direction will deal with a number of outstanding issues that urgently need addressing.

As an aside, I have been in constant contact this week, with among others, the Village, including Trustees Hofstetter and Ryan, on a constant basis through my emails. I continue to be available to the residents of the Village during my term of office.

From :
Mamaroneck Village Mayor Elect Norman Rosenblum
Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil

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