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Union Concessions Save Jobs as Schools Adopt $120.7M Budget

Proper Use of Stimulus Funds

In response to questions about use of stimulus funds  (Are We Using Stimulus Funds Prudently? ) Dr. Fried said he believed the “overriding” principle behind the stimulus was to use the money to save and create jobs. After much research, he was “as certain as [he] could possibly be” that the district was entitled to spend 50% of the IDEA funds (amounting to $324,235) on current special education costs, freeing up “local” money to bring back teachers. The district may not, however, use an additional 15% or $97,000 of the IDEA funds to restore postions, as originally believed. Instead, a portion of funds reserved for contingency positions will be used.

In any event, Dr. Fried noted, the stimulus funds may not be used to reduce taxes.

Looking ahead, Dr. Fried suggested a need to explore ways to further reduce spending and increase revenue. Ms. Tse noted that using the funds to restore positions now gives the district some time to look at greater efficiency for the future.

Future of Co-op Camp for Middle Schoolers?

Although the superintendent’s revised budget makes signficant cuts to Co-op Camp, the district’s summer social and academic enrichment program, Dr. Fried confirmed that there is municipal money to support the camp.

Mariana Boneo, recently retired as director of the Hispanic Resource Center, offered to raise $35,000, or half the sum needed to continue the middle school program for 100 students.

Board member Janet Buchbinder offered to see if there was RADAR grant money that could help fund the camp, and several board members suggested restoring all or part of the camp’s funding. However, only Rick Marsico was willing to increase the budget by the $65,000 needed to fully restore the camp.

In the end, the board agreed to pursue a possible restoration by looking within the budget for monies to add to any private funds raised.

Anyone interested in donating to Co-op Camp can contact the Hispanic Resource Center at 825-1512.

Contingency Plans if Budget Fails

What if the budget fails? Ms. Tse and Assistant Superintendent Meryl Rubinstein explained that a contingency budget typically allows for a modest increase over the previous year. (This year the formula would allow a 4.7% increase). In the highly unusual situation where the failed budget is already below that mark, certain items must be cut, such as some routine maintenance. For Mamaroneck, the contingency budget would come to $119,978,603 and represent a 2.61% budget-to-budget increase (as compared to the adopted budget’s 3.23%). The resulting savings would be less than $97 for most homeowners.

Next Steps: Educational Meetings Before May 19 Vote

Several meetings are planned to educate the community about the budget and the “bare bones” bond. Both will be put to a community vote on Tuesday, May 19.

Monday, April 27 7:30pm Murray PTA Meeting
Tuesday, April 28, 7:30 pm Chatsworth PTA Meeting
Wednesday, April 29, 7:00 pm Mamaroneck Avenue School PTA Meeting
Wednesday, May 6 Hommocks Auditorium, Joint Meeting of MHS PTSA,Hommocks PTA, Central PTA & SEPTA
Monday, May 11, 7:30 pm Community Meeting at Post Road Starbucks
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