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In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

All inquiries should be addressed to the Larchmont Historical Society.

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TOM Considers Cement – Poured & Crumbling

At its March 18 meeting, the Mamaroneck Town Board took up two issues concerning concrete and announced the impending arrival of a second vegetable oil-powered garbage truck.

Concrete I: Public Hearing April 1 on Extending Deck Deadline

The board set a public hearing for April 1 to determine whether the target date for the completion of the parking deck above Lot #3, off Myrtle Boulevard, should be extended to May 15, 2009.

As reported earlier construction of the parking deck is proceeding as planned. (See: Despite Rumors, No Further Changes to Madison Avenue Apartment Project.) However, the developer had delayed pouring concrete for the deck during the cold weather, at the Town’s request, to avoid risk of compromising the concrete’s quality. Because of the delay, the contractor is unlikely to meet the original completion date of April 14, 2009. Changing that date, as requested by the developer, Iron Oaks, requires a public hearing and board approval.

Mr. Altieri said the current construction timetable calls for the street (and relevant adjacent streets) to be closed on or about April 6 for installation of large pillars. (See: Myrtle Boulevard Street Closing for Parking Deck Work.)

Completion of the parking deck on Myrtle Boulevard has been delayed, probably until May 15.

Concrete II: Repairs at West Brookside Drive

Brian Rohman, representing the Larchmont Gardens Civic Association, expressed concern about deterioration of recently paved sidewalks on West Brookside Drive between Fernwood Road and Lansdowne Drive. The concrete was poured in August of 2008.

crumbling concrete

Brian Rohman showed the board evidence of deteriorated sidewalks. Photo by Abby Katz.

Mr. Altieri informed Mr. Rohman that the contractor has been alerted to the problem and has agreed to repair the sidewalk under the warranty for the work. Although no definite date has been set for the repair, Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe said the Town will try to get it done as fast as it can.

Veggie Oil Redux

Mamaroneck Town is acquiring its second vegetable oil powered garbage truck in the next few weeks and Mr. Altieri requested an additional, part-time driver to help collect oil donated by businesses and institutions in the area. The first veggie oil truck began operation last year. (See: Mam’k Shows Off New Veggie Oil Garbage Truck.)Mr. Altieri advised that the Town expects to save the cost of an estimated 8000 gallons of diesel oil next year by using vegetable oil power. Diesel fuel currently costs $2.50-$2.75 per gallon.

The Highway Department now processes the used vegetable oil with a make-shift device they have set up in the garage. However, the Town is considering purchase of a centrifuge for this purpose.

Councilwoman Nancy Seligson commented, “This is a ‘win-win.’ We’re saving money and doing a good thing for the environment. The veggie truck puts out almost zero particulate matter compared to diesel fuel and gasoline.”

Also At the Board

Federal Support for Senior Programs: Among other matters considered at the meeting, the Town Board approved a contract allowing the now-consolidated senior center and nutrition programs to receive federal government subsidies for bus transportation, meals-on-wheels and other nutrition programs.

Software: In addition, the board authorized Mr. Altieri to contract with KVS Information Systems Inc. for the purchase of financial management software at the initial cost of $67,644. This fee includes 66 hours of on-site training.

Input on Property Assessment: Also, the board heard a presentation on certiorari by Mamaroneck resident Irving Scharf. His view is that the current assessment system is biased in favor of owners of commercial property as compared to owners of private homes. The board agreed to look into the matter and to consider his suggestions for improving the procedure.

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