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Thirty-Six Receive Tenure in Mamaroneck Schools

It was a night to celebrate for the 36 administrators, teachers, and staff member who received tenure at the Mamaroneck School Board meeting on Tuesday, May 12.

Assistant principals from three of the district’s four elementary schools were awarded tenure:  Alice Borsella from Mamaroneck Avenue School; Cruz Soler from Chatsworth Elementary School; and Edgar McIntosh, who has been at Central Elementary School for the past three years, but will be moving to Hommocks Middle School in the fall.  The district is currently searching for an assistant principal to replace Mr. McIntosh at Central.

The largest number of tenure awards were for Hommocks teachers, seen here with Principal Dr. Seth Weitzman (second from left).

The largest number of tenure awards went to Hommocks teachers. After the meeting, some of the ten celebrated with Principal Dr. Seth Weitzman (second from left).

In addition, two district-wide staff members received tenure: Michael Kollmer, the director of administrative technology, and Barbara Dean, the elementary literacy coach.

Recipients also included 21 teachers, a media specialist (librarian), a speech-language pathologist, a psychologist, a social worker, a guidance counselor, and five teaching assistants.

Complete List of Tenure Awards:

Adminstrators: Alice K. Borsella, Asst. Principal, Mamaroneck Ave.; Edgar J. McIntosh, Asst. Principal, Central; Cruz M. Soler, Asst. Principal, Murray; Michael J. Kollmer, Dir. of Instructional Technology

Districtwide: Barbara Dean, Instructional Coach

Central School: Diana Barbieri; Anne Corsetti; Mary O’Leary Conroy

Chatsworth: Johanna Scozzafava;  Erica Zimmerman

Mamaroneck Ave: Laura Caterino; Angela Fazzolari; Michelle Mariash; Deborah Ann Polykarpous; Juliana Sage

Murray: Linda Baker; Colleen Melnyk, Jacqueline Oliver 

Hommocks: Cecilia Anon; Adonis Calderon; Susan Douglas; Steven Goldstein;  Judith Keneally; Nancy Kosakow; James Mullen;  Shalini Sudarsanan; Stacie Tramontozzi; Pedro Vega

High School:  Laurie Derosa; Catherine Devlin; Elena Filippova; Lucy Harayda; Melissa Katz; Tiffany Murnan; Jill Shoffiett-Sageman;  Joe Toombs; (Patricia Chillemi received tenure in December)

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4 comments to Thirty-Six Receive Tenure in Mamaroneck Schools

  • P Boulat

    Interestingly (and extraordinarily) not ALL candidates eligible for tenure (41 on the 10/23/08 list) actually were granted tenure (36/41) Always generous with the benefit of the doubt, I will assume that those not retained or at least some, were held back on performance. So that I can continue to believe that tenure is a true reward for teaching and administration quality, not just something that happens after 4 years.

  • J Morrison

    Tenure is a life appointment that was designed to protect college professors exercise of academic freedom.

    I still don’t really understand why tenure is even offered below the university level, particularly after only three years.

    I assume this has been bargained for by the teachers union and is part of their contract. I support collective bargaining and unions, but the teachers union should be mindful of what the autoworkers unions are going through right now.

    Encrusted work rules and expanded benefits have largely rendered the entire us auto industry uncompetitive, and todays workers will pay the price for yesterdays outsize gains.

    Similarly, the school board should note that many of today’s ‘minor’ concessions turn into major obligations down the road.

    From what I have seen tenure serves mostly to protect underperforming teachers, not protect academic freedom.

    How was it possible that it took over a year to fire Rodriquez from Hommocks several years ago?

    This is not an anti-teacher diatribe. Congratulations of those who were granted Tenure. The good far outweigh the bad, and we can be proud of our local school system. But the weak teachers in our system are being protected by tenure, and this reflects poorly on the whole tenure process.

    As local incomes continue to fall, and school taxes continue to rise, I predict in the coming years this will become a much more contentious issue.

  • David

    Tenure is not a negotiated item in the teachers’ contract — it’s a matter of New York State law. About 15 or so years ago — the tenure determination changed from 5 years to 3 years. The New York State School Board Association has been advocating for tenure reform for years — seeking some form of renewability after some period of time. But so far this proposal hasn’t seen the light of day.

  • Dan

    Very interesting about State law. But, I don’t suppose they can require school board members to vote for tenure for anyone and I can’t see how it serves the district, students or parents for them to do so. What employer in his right mind would give up the flexibility? All the School Board Association has to do may be to remind its members that a manager voting for tenure is incompetent and should not be re-elected.