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Record Number of MHS Seniors to Play College Sports

The number of Mamaroneck High School seniors going on to play college sports is more than six times higher than usual. The Mamaroneck Schools announced a list of 32 seniors who will pursue college level athletics next year, as compared to the typical 3 to 5 per year.

A senior dinner celebrating their achievements will be held on Monday, June 8.

Phoebe Hanley

Phoebe Hanley

“This is an exceptional class of athletes that may not be matched for many years to come,” said the district’s director of physical education, Bari Suman. “The collective success of the sports programs they have all been involved with for the past four years is immeasurable and unprecedented.”

Ellen Williams

Ellen Williams

In the past two years, MHS teams have made two State Finals appearances and earned four sectional titles and ten league titles. Five Mamaroneck students have received Con Edison awards this year – including, most recently, baseball player Taylor Mondshein. The Con Edison Athlete of the Week recognizes students in Westchester and Putnam schools who excel athletically. Academic achievements, leadership, citizenship, school and community activities also are factors. Winners are selected by a panel of athletic directors and coaches.

Taylor Mondshein

Taylor Mondshein

Ms. Suman pointed out that most all of the MHS athletes being honored on June 8 have been playing together for many years and that this consistency has contributed in large part to their success. “They’ve been together all the way through, and that’s a key factor,” said Ms. Suman.

Femi Wheeler

Femi Wheeler

According to Coach Mike Chiapparelli, this senior class knows what it takes to be committed to a sport and make personal sacrifices for the betterment of a team.

Brad Jacobson

Brad Jacobson

“This is a very gifted group of student athletes,” said Mr. Chiapparelli. “They have dedicated themselves over┬áthe course of their lifetime to working on developing skills to their fullest potential in many different sports. A class this talented comes along only once or twice in an entire teaching career.”

Students moving on to college athletics include:

Matt McGovern: Boston College, Baseball

Sean Hagan: St. John’s, Baseball

Taylor Monshein: Williams, Baseball

Max Frankel: Vassar, Baseball

Eric Windsor: University of Pennsylvania, Baseball

Gabe Klein: Fairfield, Baseball

Christian Glaser: Delaware, Baseball

Anna Reddicliffe: Colgate, Field Hockey

Ellen Williams: Syracuse, Field Hockey

Charlotte Gardiner: Middlebury, Field Hockey

Cathleen Smith: Bowdoin, Field Hockey

Brad Jacobson: Dartmouth, Soccer

Doug Weinrib: Williams, Soccer

Kelsey Grad: Lafayette, Tennis

Stephanie Valez” Buffalo, Soccer

Phoebe Hanley: Tufts, Soccer

Alex Bodor: Dennison, Lacrosse

Will Thompson: Saint Michaels, Lacrosse

Amanda Tuck: Marist, Lacrosse

Fayola Moise: Tusculum, Basketball

Sara Hess: Haverford, Track

Evan Thompson: NYU, Track

Charlotte Ohl: Northwestern, Fencing

Kira Hoffman: Tufts, Fencing

Jennifer Fasman: MIT, Fencing

Sam Wojokowski: Franklin & Marshall, Football

Andrew Benkwitt: Utica College, Football

Patrick Joyce: Ithaca, Football

Gabe Yizar: Arias-Lincoln, Football

Sagirah Wheeler: Morgan State, Bowling

Femi Wheeler: Plymouth State University, Wrestling

Megan McGuire: Fairfield University, Swimming

Debbie Manetta is public information officer for the Mamaroneck School District.

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2 comments to Record Number of MHS Seniors to Play College Sports

  • Bob Colyer MHS '56

    Even 53 years later, I can recall at least twice the “3-5″ of my classmates who went on to participate in college athletics. Thus I doubt Ms. Suman’s “usual” numbers despite three caveats: 1. there were fewer high school sports in those days, 2. there were no thoughts of girls’ high school sports or women’s college athletics in those days, and 3. as an ex-college coach, I know that intentions to be involved in college athletics don’t always match what happens when students actually get there.
    Nevertheless, I feel great alumni pride at the success of these individual athletes and their MHS teams. Keep up the fine record!

  • Carol Weller Berlin

    Loved your comment Bob.
    I concur and will enjoy chatting it up when the Class of ’59 gets together in October.
    After reading that three Larchonters are well-placed in the Obama administration, this piece made me wonder what they are putting in the water. Nah, it is the school system.