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One New Face, Two Incumbents Go for School Board

The Committee for the Selection of School Board Nominees for the Mamaroneck District, the volunteer group that screens and endorses candidates for the board,  announced its nomination of incumbents Linnet Tse and Robin Nichinsky and newcomer Anant Nambiar to fill the three positions open this year.

“Anant brings fresh perspective to the board, and we feel fortunate that the district has two experienced board members ready to help steer it through these challenging times,” said Susan Barragan, co-chair of the Selection Committee.

The announcement came the day after nominating petitions were due to be filed with the Mamaroneck School District clerk, Joanna May. Ms. May confirmed that the petitions had been filed and that no other candidates had come forward.

This year, the committee interviewed only four candidates for the three seats. Last year, they had three candidates for two positions.  As in the past, the Selection Committee opted to endorse only one candidate for each open slot.

In the next week or two, there will be announcements of  candidates running to fill the  twelve seats open this year on the Selection Committee. The co-chairs, Ms. Barrigan and Sunny Park Suh, said they do not expect contested elections for any of these positions. Voting takes place at tables set up at the elementary schools on the day of the board and budget vote, this year on May 19.

The Candidates: One New Face, Two Familiar Ones

Anant Nambiar

Mr. Nambiar, a MasterCard senior vice president, is relatively new to the Larchmont-Mamaroneck community. He moved to the Murray area in 2004 with his wife, Hema Nambiar, and their three children, now in grades 2, 3 and 6 in the district. Mr. Nambiar, who was born in India and educated in Tanzania and Canada, believes he can bring a different perspective to the board, “because of all the experiences and exposures I’ve had.” He said he and his wife chose Mamaroneck as their home because of its diversity of backgrounds, cultures, economics, thought and languages. He has been a volunteer coach with the local sports leagues.

Mr. Nambiar said he feels strongly about the board as an opportunity to influence and shape the community in this challenging time. He also believes that his analytic and financial decision-making experience will help the board assess its options and make the appropriate decisions over the next few years. He holds an MBA (Wilfrid Laurier University) and a Systems Design Engineering degree (University of Waterloo).

Ms. Tse, a former Pepisco executive and the current board chairman, is running for a third three-year term. There are no formal term limits, but most board members have served no more than two consecutive terms. Ms. Tse was concerned about leaving a leadership gap during a difficult economic period, especially since Michael Jacobson was leaving the board after only one term. (See: School Board President to Run for Third Term.)

Prior to joining the board, Ms. Tse served as co-president and treasurer of the Murray Avenue School PTA and has chaired various Hommocks PTA and MHS PTSA committees. She has also worked with the Larchmont Junior Soccer League, the Hunger Task Force, the Sheldrake Environmental Center and St. John’s Episcopal church in various volunteer capacities. She and her husband, John Forsyth, have lived in Larchmont for nineteen years. Their two sons attended Murray and the Hommocks and are now in 10th and 12th grades at Mamaroneck High School. Ms. Tse has a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Linnet Tse

Linnet Tse

Robin Nichinsky

Robin Nichinsky

Ms. Nichinsky, a senior appellate counsel with the Center for Appellate Litigation in New York City, is seeking a second term.

In her first term, she serves as board liaison to Mamaroneck High School, SEPTA and the Teacher Institute and on the Communications and Audit Committees. She has served as liaison to the Mamaroneck and Murray Avenue Elementary Schools and on the Policy Committee and Special Education Task Force. A practicing attorney, she has a law degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School and a Masters in Guidance and Counseling from the College of New Rochelle. She served as chair of the Mamaroneck-Larchmont Human Rights Commission, co-president of Central School, a PTA vice president at Hommocks and Mamaroneck High Schools, and founded Central School’s CORE Conflict Resolution Program. She and her husband, Seth Schafler, have lived in our community for 21 years. Their three daughters all attended Mamaroneck District schools.

The Selection Committee was founded in 1945 to find qualified candidates for the school board.  The group describes itself as an “independent, nonpartisan and self-funded organization made up of 24 private citizens who are elected representatives from each of the four elementary school areas in Larchmont and Mamaroneck.  The group is also charged with finding district residents to serve on the committee. Members serve staggered, three-year terms, and are elected by district voters on the day of the board and budget vote.  For more information, visit:

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3 comments to One New Face, Two Incumbents Go for School Board

  • Curious Oreo

    Does the Selection Committee verify that candidates are U.S. Citizens? If so, how?

    “Any candidate who is a U.S. citizen, over age 18, and a resident in the school district for at least one year prior to the school budget vote can run for a seat on the School Board.”

  • P Boulat

    How subtle, Curious Oreo – as you imply, or maybe not, patronyms, places of birth and education are not sufficient to establish citizenship. Recently elected governors and president prove the point.
    A more interesting point was that when I queried the requirements that the Selection Committee members be US citizens exclusively, I was curtly told that it would not make sense that non-voting members of the community be allowed to select candidates for which they could not vote. So much for taxation without representation, I thought at the time.

  • editor

    Editors note: Mr. Nambiar reports he was born in India and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2006.

    He is registered to vote in the Town of Mamaroneck; election data indicate he voted in the last election.