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Murray Avenue School Earns $1809 From Stop & Shop

Balloons and “big bucks” were on display at Murray Avenue School on Monday, May 24 as Principal Jennifer Monaco received a giant check for $1,809 from Bob Silver, manager of the Stop & Shop on Palmer Avenue in New Rochelle.

The check came to Murray via the Stop & Shop A+ Bonus Bucks program conducted in stores along the Northeast from October 2009 to March 2010. For every dollar spent at a Stop & Shop, registered customers could assign one point to the school of their choice. More than 380 schools participated in the contest, and Murray earned enough points to land in the top 10.

Bob Silver, manager of the Stop & Shop on Palmer Avenue, presented a giant check to Jennifer Monaco, principal of Murray Avenue School, and the PTA co-presidents, Ann LoBue and Tracy Owen.

“We had 190 families participate,” reported Ms. LoBue. The effort was organized by Ellen Howse, a PTA volunteer.

Now the school is mulling over how to spend its “big check.”

“It’s an incredible bonus,” said Ms. LoBue. “It comes with no strings attached. We want to use our imaginations and put it towards the best possible use – for something that will touch all the kids in the school.”

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2 comments to Murray Avenue School Earns $1809 From Stop & Shop

  • curious

    Are earnings like these reported as income under the school budget? There are several programs (Target, Box Tops for Education) under which the schools in our district have earned additional cash, but yet it never seems to be talked about as income.

    When we were at Chatsworth Ave, we were bringing in dozens of BoxTops coupons every week to the office, so we asked what they were used for. We were told that the secretaries used the funds for things for the office. Is that what the parents would choose?

  • Scratching my head

    If the IRS has time in this economic climate to worry about small pocket change of less than $3,000 for one school district, then I would be very concerned that they are overstaffed.

    Congratulations to Murray Avenue School for winning this contest and to the spoil sports who have sour grapes, here’s some scholarly advice: Get Over it!!