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In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

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More Units Requested for TOM High-Rise Plan

At its March 3 meeting, the Town of Mamaroneck Board approved changes in parking regulations for three local streets and considered “slight” changes for a high-rise apartment building that has been many years in the planning stage.

Signs of Life for Proposed Apartments

The multi-story apartment building, proposed by developer Forest City Daly over eight years ago, was back on the board’s agenda after a long hiatus. Byron Places Associates (of Iron Oaks, the latest owner), was asking for an amendment to its permit that would allow the total  number of units to go from 139 to 149. The number of affordable units would also increase, from 9 to 10.

Byron Place Associates is requesting some changes to its plans for a high-rise apartment building in the Town of Mamaroneck. The architect is Sullivan Architectural Group; drawing courtesy of Divney Tung Schalbe.

The project actually goes back to the early 1990s. The current design has been through a lengthy review process and undergone numerous changes since it was first presented to the public  in 2002 as a 7-story rental building with 159 units to be located at Byron and Madison Places and Maxwell Avenue. Over time, the number of above grade floors was decreased to 6. In 2005 – citing market interest – Forest City Daly asked for and received approval to switch to a condominium and reduce the number of units from 159 to 139.  The workforce housing remained as rental. (See: Forest City Proposes Midcourse Correction – From Rentals to Condo.)

In 2005, “the market was looking for larger apartments,” explained Andrew Tung, project planner with Divney Tung Schwalbe. “Now the market is looking for slightly smaller apartments.”

The developer is also seeking approvals for changes characterized as “slight.”

All units would still be one or two bedrooms.  On average, there would be one unit added to each floor, which would also increase the number of windows on the facade. The developer asserts the architectural character of the original plan would be maintained. There would be a three-level garage with a parking spot for each unit, extra residential spots available for purchase and visitor parking. Additional visitor parking would be provided on the street.

The Town Board referred the developers’ request to the Planning Board for review and advisement. The proposal must then return to the Town Board for further action.  The process could take many months.

The developers have already paid for the construction of the new Myrtle Avenue parking deck, a requirement agreed to during the original approval process. (See: Parking Deck Opens.)

They now have until 2011 to start building the apartments before their current permits expire.

Town Passes New Parking Regulations for Chester, Moran and Preston

Chester Place and Moran Place: After hearing two residents of the Chester-Moran area express concern that the Traffic Commission recommendations do not go far enough to solve the safety issues created by local business employees’ parking on the residential street, the Town Board restricted parking to only one side of  each street.  Board members urged residents to present their requests for further parking restrictions to the Traffic Commission.

Preston Street: In an effort to prevent commuters from claiming “freebie” parking spots on Preston Street,  the board initially proposed prohibiting parking on the street from 6 am to 10 am, prime commuter parking hours. After hearing from Preston Street residents, the board extended the ‘ concerns about limiting the prohibitions to morning parking only, the Board prohibited parking on the north side of the street from 10am-11 am and on the south side of the street from 2pm to 3 pm.

Consolidation Committee Final Report Expected Soon

The tri-municipal task force studying shared services and consolidation will be reviewing a final draft of its report on March 4, reported Councilman David Fishman, the Town Board’s representative to the group. When finalized, the report will be presented to each of the municipalities. Board members requested the committee report be presented at one of their future work sessions.

TOM Moving Further Into the Electronic Age

Councilman Ernie Odierna announced that the Town’s redesigned website ( will be up and running on Monday, March 8. The aim of the overhaul is to make it easier for residents to access town information, updates and online resources.

One of those resources will be the latest edition of the Town of Mamaroneck Recreation Spring/Summer brochure. As a “green” measure, the brochure will no longer be printed and mailed to residents. A limited number of hard copies may be had from the Recreation Department (381-7865) or picked up at the Hommocks Pool or Ice Rink.

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