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McIntosh Is New HMX Assistant Principal

Mamaroneck Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried announced on Wednesday, April 29 that Edgar McIntosh, assistant principal at Central School, will take the place of Hommocks Assitant Principal Larry Keane, who will be retiring at the end of this school year. The search to fill Mr. McIntosh’s position will commence immediately.

Edgar Mc has been selected as the new assistant principal for Hommocks.

Edgar McIntosh has been selected as the new assistant principal for Hommocks.

Edgar McInstosh will bethe new assistant principal for Hommocks. His move from Central to Hommocks comes after a rigorous district budget process that resulted in deep cuts and initially reassigned Mr. McIntosh to the middle school involuntarily.

“Naming Edgar as assistant principal at Hommocks is an example of how this budget process has yielded some good thinking out of the box,” said Dr. Fried. “While we know it won’t be easy for him to leave his circle of friends at Central, we look forward to Edgar’s leadership at the middle school level and the many strengths he has to offer our students and programs.”

When Dr. Fried presented the first version of his recommended budget in March, the budget included a loss of nearly 50 positions, including the assistant principal position at Central. Community members came out in droves to request restoration of this position and to show their support for Mr. McIntosh’s partnership with Central Principal Carol Houseknecht and the work they’ve accomplished together at the school.

The position was then restored in April, when the superintendent presented his revised budget. The restoration was made possible by federal monies received through the economic stimulus package, combined with teacher and administrator concessions on salary and benefits.

“This process has allowed Edgar the opportunity to consider and accept the position, and although we will miss him, we support his decision and interest in professional growth,” said Ms. Houseknecht. “During his time at Central, Edgar contributed in many ways to a positive school culture, increasing the depth of instructional practice and student learning. We are pleased that our students will have the experience of working with Edgar in the future as they make the important transition from elementary to intermediate school.”

Children in the school district’s four elementary schools all come together for middle school at the Hommocks. While each of the schools has its own “flavor,”  the schools work collaboratively on all aspects of the curriculum.

Hommocks Principal Dr. Seth Weitzman said Mr.  McIntosh, who has served as AP at Central for three years, is already a familiar name in the school district. This works to everybody’s advantage.  Dr. Wetizman added, “Edgar has the heart necessary to connect with young adolescents – an age group child psychologists deem the most challenging, but our faculty considers the most rewarding, with an amazing potential to grow.”

Mr. McIntosh  received a Bachelor of Science and Masters degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with advanced coursework at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition to his three years as Central’s AP, he has twelve years experience teaching in New York City and Fairfield County classrooms. He is the co-author of Multisensory Strategies (Scholastic, 2005) and a contributor to Classroom Management in Pictures (Scholastic, 2004). He has led numerous professional development workshops for teachers on a range of topics including balanced literacy, mathematics, and co-teaching special education students in a mainstream classroom.

“While I will certainly miss Central School, I’m truly inspired by the opportunity to expand my work with older children. I look forward to a collaborative and learning relationship with the staff, parents and students in an exceptional middle school,” Mr. McIntosh remarked.

A committee of parents, staff and district administrators is currently being assembled to assist with the candidate search at Central. The goal is to find a candidate who is knowledgeable and dedicated to the vision of the school.

Debbie Manetta is the Director of Public Information with the Mamaroneck School District

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