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Mam’k Schools Superintendent Will Retire Next Year

Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried announced on Thursday, July 9 that he will be retiring at the end of the coming school year, effective June 30, 2010.

“He is eligible to retire from the system and is taking the opportunity,” said Linnet Tse, president of the Mamaroneck School Board.

Dr. Fried will be leaving at the end of his fifth year in Mamaroneck.

“We would have liked him to have stayed longer, so that some of the initiatives he put in place would have had a chance to take root,” said Ms. Tse. She listed, for example, the annual performance review that went into effect his year and “the whole goal-setting process that now includes all administrative and teaching staff.” (See: More Learning is Goal of New Teacher Evaluation Process and District Reaching Goals in Math & Literacy.

Dr. Paul Fried. Photo by Fred Levine, 2005.

Dr. Paul Fried, as he began his tenure as Mamaroneck Superintendent in 2005. Photo by Fred Levine.

Ms. Tse was returning from vacation for an executive session of the board to continue planning the search for a new superintendent. Ms. Tse said she expected there to be multiple opportunities for community input through focus groups or surveys, as there were when Dr. Fried was selected in 2005. The superintendent was required by his contract to provide a full year’s notice of his intent to leave the district so there would be time for an orderly succession.

Dr. Fried is retiring from the New York public school system after 38 years, but he plans to stay involved in education in some capacity. He came to Mamaroneck after 19 years in the Ossining School District. His last post was as Ossining assistant superintendent for elementary education and human resources. He began his career as an elementary school teacher and spent many years as an elementary school principal.

Dr. Fried said he was committed to working hard in his final year on behalf of the district and with the board to ensure a smooth transition. He praised Mamaroneck, calling it “one of the premier school districts in Westchester.”

Ms. Tse had similar praise for Dr. Fried, citing his openness to “listening to anybody and everything.” She said, “His unwavering focus on ‘children first,’ his open, honest style and consistently high expectations have resulted in a real change in the culture of our organization.”

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5 comments to Mam’k Schools Superintendent Will Retire Next Year

  • Pension

    Ah, pension rights…..I guess it is better to pick up the golden goose now, who knows what will happen later when there is no more money to pay the pension. I have always been amazed by the fact that devoted selfless public servants plan their career based on the pension outcome. What happened to “children first” ? Surely, leaving in the midst of a major adjustment to school economics is not what a leader would do. But leaders usually worry less about pensions and more about the combination of their personal welfare and their stakeholders’ benefits. Good luck to find a replacement to hold the can.

    The spam word is “move” – indeed.

    • give me a break

      Give me a break pension! everyone in this country works for a pension, whether it’s public or privite work force

  • Paul Cantwell

    Interesting first comment, it is always easy to take the cynical view and it may be true I don’t know. All I can say is that I would not have wanted his job. If you actually care about education, the system is designed, or not designed, to throw as many obstacles in the way as possible. Navigating the competing constituencies and achieving anything at all is a Herculean task equivalent to the Augean Stables.

  • Ginger

    Having worked in school administration for many years, it is clear that Dr. Fried has attempted to say diplomatically that he’s had enough. Would it be preferable to have him say that the demands of the community are impossible to meet? The average school superintendent stays for only 5.5 years, with 60% describing the job as highly stressful. (See AASA 2007 study.) Snide remarks in a local paper only serve to alert the next round of candidates as to the tone of the community.

  • surprised

    Thank you for your insights, Ginger. I would postulate that Mr Fried got paid 300k$ to take the heat, among other things. If he feels that the demands of the community are impossible to meet, then he can turn to his supportive Board. The Board can poll the community. What I want to say is that the short tenure (noted at Mamaroneck too) may be burnout, or just an elaborate musical chairs’ games that does not end up putting the interests of the children first. Because of the self-engineered “shortage” of candidates, there is no risk in hopping from one post to the other, and bailing out when the going gets tough.