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Two Fire Trucks for $1M? Mamaroneck Will Vote June 22

At its May 19 meeting, the Mamaroneck Town Board approved borrowing close to three million dollars for capital improvements and set a public referendum for June 22 to authorize borrowing another million for two fire trucks.

The board also settled the festering issue of parking on Laurel Avenue and made a (final?) approval to a much-amended permit for a high rise to be constructed on Madison Avenue. (See More Units Requested for TOM High-Rise Plan.)

TMFD Requests New Pumper and Rescue Engine

The board set June 22 for a referendum in the unincorporated portion of the Town of Mamaroneck on the purchase of two fire trucks to replace Rescue 6 (21 years old) and Engine 37 (a pumper aged 23). The vote will take place at the Weaver Street Fire House from 6-9 pm.

A notice for bids on the apparatus was published on May 10. If the bond resolution is approved, the board would then award the contract.

The bonding resolution sets a maximum of $1,050,000 for the purchase ($400-450,000 for the Rescue replacement and $500-550,000 for the pumper), to be financed by issuance of serial bonds. Since the new equipment would not be delivered before early 2011, the first debt payment would not be due until 2012.

To avoid duplication in the event of a merger of the Mamaroneck Town Fire District with the Village of Larchmont, Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe has discussed the planned purchase with Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell.  She said he did not see any problem with this purchase. In addition, there would be no problem selling older equipment to another interested fire department, should any duplications occur.

A Power Point presentation by Fire Chief Sean McCarthy was replete with photos and slides illustrating the deterioration of the old equipment and their lack of features required to meet new safety standards. To continue in service, the older vehicles would need retrofitting.  The chief said one new rescue vehicle would replace two of the old ones.

Chief McCarthy stressed his awareness of current economic conditions and said the department has tried to be “barebones” in its request.

Bonding Resolutions Pass for 2010 Capital Projects

Seven capital projects were proposed for 2010. The board has already approved bond resolutions for three of them, the purchase of an ambulance vehicle, construction of new offices in the Town Center, and Myrtle Boulevard parking meters. This week it approved bond resolutions to finance the remaining four projects.

  • Road Resurfacing/Curbs/Sidewalks – $1,080,000

The board has a three year plan for this project. This year $565,000 will be spent for improvements. The original plan was to spend the same amount for repairs in years two and three. However, the financing of the initial plan anticipated the receipt of funds from New York State’s Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) for a portion of each year’s expenses. In view of the uncertain financial health of the State in the next two years, the board agreed to move forward with its plans for 2010 and readjust its expenditures for 2011 if necessary.

  • Purchase of a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle – $25,000

The board approved borrowing to replace the current 2005 four wheel drive vehicle used by the highway superintendent with a properly outfitted 2010 Ford Escape. The current vehicle will be shipped off to the central garage to replace the 1995 car that resides there now.

  • Purchase of Various Pieces of Equipment- $535,000

This covers the purchase of various trucks for the Highway and Recreation Departments as well as a brine system. The brine system treatment will lessen the amount of salt to be used during winter snow removal efforts.

  • Water System Improvements -$1,2220,000

This will cover $900,000 in engineering and design expenses for the mandated water filtration plant and $300,000 for the proposed less expensive filtration system in cooperation with Westchester County, if feasible and approved. This was discussed briefly at the last board meeting when the Town informed the community of a proposed water rate increase effective June 1. Since this is a Water District debt issue, a public hearing must be held prior to the passage of the bond resolution. A public hearing was set for June 2.

TOM Bans Overnight Parking on Laurel Avenue

Finally, the Laurel Avenue saga has come to an end. (See: Overnight Parking Has Town Neighbors at Odds.)

The board voted 4-1 to ban overnight parking (3 am- 6 am) on the portion of Laurel Avenue from Weaver Street to the dead-end. Councilman David Fishman cast the lone “no” vote, citing confusion as to whether that section of Laurel Avenue was meant to be included in the 1984 ruling exempting the rest of Laurel Avenue from this ban.

The ban will take effect as of June 19. Town Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe, referring to the neighborhood antagonisms that were aired over the past weeks, urged Laurel Avenue residents to keep the peace – “don’t get mad at each other, get mad at the board [for the ban].”

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4 comments to Two Fire Trucks for $1M? Mamaroneck Will Vote June 22

  • Taxed Out

    Please vote NO on the bond June 22nd. Have the fire trucks refitted. And by the way, why do we need new offices in the Town Center?

    • Anon E Mous

      Taxed Out, seems that you remember the words of Will Rogers well, ‘There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.’

  • usedisgood

    If ….”in addition, there would be no problem selling older equipment to another interested fire department, should any duplications occur”, why isn’t TOMFD buying used equipment in the first place, rather than new ? or is used equipment beneath the Village’s status, if not finances ?

  • Eleanor

    I don’t think we should consider retrofiting 21 and 23 year old Fire Truck vehicles. Doesn’t make any economic sense to me. I don’t like increased taxes either, but I also value having rescue vehicles that won’t break down when we need them.