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Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld Not Running for US Senate

Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld announced on Friday, January 15, that she would not be running for United States Senate. She issued the following statement:

“New York needs an energetic and fiscally conservative candidate to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for the United States Senate. But the timing for me to be that candidate is not right. I have been blessed with many personal and professional commitments, and they will likely require more of my attention this year than I could reasonably devote as a statewide candidate. Consequently, I will not challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate in 2010.

“I will continue to participate in the state’s political discourse as an elected official and as spokeswoman for New Yorkers for Growth. I have been engaged in public policy for my entire professional career and I will continue making contributions to the public discourse wherever I am able.”

Ms. Feld’s announcement came a day after another Republican hopeful for the Senate,  former Nassau County Legislator Bruce Blakeman, had signaled he would soon be announcing his candidacy.

Better known Republicans  whose names were being circulated had already declared they were not running. These included  New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and United States Congressman Peter King.

And Closer to Home?

On the local political scene, Larchmont Village Republicans and Democrats will be caucusing at Village Hall on January 26 at 8 pm to select mayoral and trustee candidates for the Village Board. There had been some speculation that Ms. Feld would not run again for mayor, given her potential interest in the US Senate race.

Now, local political pundits will be rethinking their predictions.

Ms. Feld has emphatically stated that whatever else she decides, she is definitely not interested in another run for District 37′s New York Senate seat, now occupied by Suzi Oppenheimer of Mamaroneck Village. In 2008, Ms. Oppenheimer, a 13-term incumbent, defeated Ms. Feld, a newcomer to statewide politics, by 62%-38%.

But the climate may be more favorable this year to challengers – even Republican challengers in districts where their party is  far outnumbered by Democrats. Witness the defeat of Westchester County Executive Andy Spano, a Democrat, to Rob Astorino, a Republican he had defeated handily four years ago.

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5 comments to Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld Not Running for US Senate

  • Political Animal

    The Political arena shifts…….as the world turns.

    People always want to have change when things are not going well for a current administration and the economy. Look at what’s going on in the Senata race in MA w/ Ted Kennedy’s former seat. Who would have thought that a former Playboy centerfold, albeit a Republican, would be able to lead the polls over a Democrat there (currently it’s a very close race w/ a margin of error of +/- 3% but the Dems are sweatin’ it out as they come to the finish line. Rumour has it, Obama may need to make a visit to the Commonwealth state sooner rather than later to help secure this position).

    If things continue to go along as they are today, then most likely there will be signicant change in the 2012 elections. But as a country, 2010 is still too early and Americans are not prepared for any radical changes to the House or Senate – people still have faith in the audacity of hope and CH-CH-CH-Change we can believe in!!

  • David

    Feld would have a great shot if she re-ran against Suzi Oppenheimer. The incumbent will not have the benefit of a presidential election year turnout (very favorable to Dems) and a palpable weariness against incumbents of all stripes — especially those who have served in the state senate for 25 years.

  • Unhappy Camper

    “A palpable weariness against incumbents of all stripes” is the understatement of the year – change incumbents to “politicians” in general and you have a lot of support there for your statement.

    I voted for Obama and his proteges over the past year. I feel tricked, fooled, strung along, by the chicanery of this administration thus far. For them to have placed Health Care reform first and foremost before jobs and seriously addressing the growing and very painful unemployment rate in this country, just demonstrates how politicians put their own political agendas before the needs of their constituents.

    What difference does health care reform make if people have no money to pay for the roof over their heads today? Never mind their health care. Unless this administration moves quickly past the Health care reform agenda and over to creating jobs and small business lending opportunities then many of us Democrats and Independents will soon be voting for the other party, presuming they treat the current situation as an emergency. For it is an URGENT situation out there today.

    And somebody better wake up and smell the coffee before any more collateral damage is done. This administration gets an F for failure thus far.

  • Whew

    I was completely turned off by the use of the fake “Suzi’s on vacation” postcard from the last election. What an incredible waste of money, and how revealing. And living in the Pine Brook neighborhood, I’m still waiting for some kind of action with respect to the flooding. No way would I support Larchmont’s mayor in any election.

  • Well , good luck in the future!