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Kinesthesia Dances at Year 35 + Showcase of the Arts: Dec 3

For 35 years, Larchmont-Mamaroneck residents have been enjoying Kinesthesia, an evening of dancing choreographed by Mamaroneck High School students participating in the Performing Arts Curriculum Experience (PACE).  This year will be no exception: the show runs Wednesday, December 2 through Saturday, December 5 at 8 pm in the PACE Theater, Palmer Building.                   .

“Each year, we love to see what the kids choose to express,” says PACE Dance Instructor Martie Barylick, who has produced more than 1,000 student-choreographed dances since Kinesthesia’s inception.  “Dance themes vary from year to year, but they’re always entertaining no matter what element of design and beauty there is.”

For instance, Ms. Barylick says that one year dance themes centered around children’s games, and another year around the joy of receiving packages.  More than 100 students will serve as crew members, choreographers, and dancers in this year’s Kinesthesia program, consisting of 12 original dances.  A total of 13 males will be dancing this year, and Ms. Barylick reflects back to one of her first male dancers in the mid 70’s.  It just so happens that this gentleman’s daughter will be dancing in two pieces this year.    

“It’s unprecedented to present modern dance in a public high school for 35 consecutive years,” Ms. Barylick says.  “Nobody else in the country does that.  Our community respects the kids’ work enough to put on a formal production with high production values.  In most high schools, adults create the dances and students perform them.  Our curriculum is draped around student ownership of artwork.”

Many of the concert dances have a representation of males, females, under and upperclassmen.  And, that, says student choreographer Zoe Jacobson, is one of the aspects that students love most about PACE. 

“I’ve been a choreographer for two years and in the show for the past three years, and it’s always an amazing experience to work with people in all grades to create a piece of art through music and through movement,” says Zoe.  “My experiences with the show have had a great influence on the way I think about the world as a whole.”

Kinesthesia is one of ten PACE performances staged throughout the year.  Other performances focus on theatre and music and include the upcoming Soundscapes (featuring a multiplicity of musical styles and diverse performance techniques in a fast-paced theatrical evening, Jan. 14-16); the PACE 1 Show with all first-year students showing their stuff, February 11; New Plays 2010 (five original plays by senior playwrights! February 25-27), and more.    All PACE shows begin at 8 pm in the PACE Theatre.

Fine Arts Showcase

In addition to the performing arts, the evening of December 3 will include an opening reception for the all-student art show entitled Solutions in the Palmer Art Gallery from 7-9 pm.  (Light refreshments served.)  The Gallery exhibit will remain open during school hours until January 8.    Click here for student invitation.

Student Video Work Highlighted

The first MHS student video screening of the year also will take place the same evening at 7 pm in the Palmer TV Studio.  The public is invited to come view Video department work, including student videos from the Video 1, Advanced Video, MHS INFO and Independent Study classes.  The screening will include commercials, music videos, interviews, MHS INFO highlights and more.

“Enrollment in video classes is up this year,” says Emily Dombroff, head of the MHS video production department.  “With the addition of 12 new iMac computers and the latest version of Final Cut Pro thanks to the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation, all video students are editing individual versions of their groups’ projects.  Because of this increased one on one time with the editing software, students are experimenting with advanced techniques and becoming more experienced users early in the school year.”

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2 comments to Kinesthesia Dances at Year 35 + Showcase of the Arts: Dec 3

  • Christopher Murphy

    I recall taking class with Ms. Barylick in 1983. What a great experience it was. I had such an attitude about modern dance when I started, not the least for having won the Helen Adams School of Ballroom Dancing Best Boy Dancer awards in ’77 AND ’78. She opened my mind. She also taught me English in 10th grade and is the reason I can write a proper essay. Hang onto that one, Mamaroneck School System. Pay her anything!

  • Two Left Feet

    I wish I could say I won the Honey Adams Ballroom Dancer award for anything but my two left feet. Did any other community push their children into Ballroom dancing the way the Larchmont community did? I felt it was the equivalent of a debutante ball but w/out all the grandeur and fun.

    Gosh, how I dreaded those Friday night “sessions”. I shudder to think about them. Thanks for the reminder ;-)

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays – God Bless us all, everyone!