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Business Block Parties May Be OK – With Early Planning

The restaurant owner who petitioned the Larchmont Village Board on May 10 to close Larchmont Avenue for a summer event has withdrawn that request, said Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell at a May 17 work session. Instead, said the mayor,  the owner  will be collaborating with the Larchmont Chamber  on projects that would involve more businesses and earlier planning.

At its May 10 public meeting, the board got into a heated exchange with Polly Kreisman, publisher of the Loop, who along with Melissa Perez, an owner of Tequila Sunrise, wanted to close off all or part of Larchmont Avenue on the evening of June 3 for a music and food celebration.

When the board tabled the request to allow for consultation with the police over safety and supervision issues, Ms. Kreisman accused Larchmont Village of having less community spirit than Mamaroneck Village, where three street closing events are planned for this summer.

Mamaroneck Shares Will Close Avenue on Three Summer Thursdays

Since then, Mayor Mandell said he learned that the Village of Mamaroneck had many months to plan for their street closing events in the business district, which will occur on June 24, July 29 and August 19. Mamaroneck Avenue will be turned into a pedestrian mall beginning at 7 pm on those  Thursday dates, and retailers are being encouraged to stay open until 10. Spearheaded by Mike Hynes, owner of Molly Spillane’s Restaurant, the effort involves local businesses, residents and government and will raise funds for three charities.

In contrast, said Mayor Mandell, the Larchmont Avenue proposal involved only two restaurants (Tequila Sunrise and España, both owned by the Perez family). Profits from the event would have been split between the restaurants and Ms. Kreisman.

The  Larchmont Chamber of Commerce board and Ms. Perez discussed with the mayor the possibility of planning a set number  of events to be selected at the beginning of the year, perhaps by a newly forming Business District Improvement Committee that will include business owners and residents.

Ms. Perez said, “The mayor has been working really great with us to do something in the future where more merchants are involved and it benefits all the merchants in town. We’re trying to get the board more advance notice on events so all the details can get ironed out.”

Separate plans for a Bastille Day celebration that would close Gilder Street at Larchmont Avenue are up in the air, said Ms. Perez.

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7 comments to Business Block Parties May Be OK – With Early Planning

  • where do you get your information? “‘profits’ were not to be split with “Ms Kreisman,” but expenses reimbursed, as they were last year. Is there a problem to be reimbursed for signs, tickets, personnel? why must this be cast in a tone as though we have done something wrong by wanting to support the businesses?

  • We are not interested in making money on a little street fair. We are interested in helping to build community…something far more important. And…i thank Judy and Paula, very sincerely, for posting my comment!

  • dubious

    To PK- In reading this article, the general public is not hung up on the issue of the profits or your reimbursement of costs, but rather, if in fact you are interested in promoting community, then you would have involved all of the businesses along Larchmont Avenue, the street you requested to close, and not just 2 restaurants with one single owner. One would tend to think that this would create resentment among the rest of the businesses on the street, and not a sense of “community.”

  • bobo

    Reimbursed for personnel?? Please explain that one. I agree it is refreshing to see a newspaper print all comments good or bad.

  • local

    planning is always a good way to maximize resources. closing streets involves Public Works for barriers, street cleaning, police, fire, let alone the inconveniences or conveniences to other businesses and those impeded by a closed street.

    street life can be a good thing. plan ahead, get many businesses involved, and offer to pay for the services rendered by the village for public works, fire and police. what are the costs? and whom should pay for it?
    the village needs to support the infrastructure. do we need to use tax dollars to help make businesses extra money?

    it is all about balance

  • Villager

    And Polly Kreisman you care about the VOL when you are a TOM resident because? And you are calling the closures of Larchmont Ave. & Gilder St. “little street fairs?” Take a look–they are very small streets already jammed with traffic & noise. My question to you is why are you not supporting your own town’s businesses also? Did you really do all those Plates events for fun and not profit? Should we go further? Did you ever pay attention to how others around Plates Restaurant felt when you did these events? Why is it other businesses on Larchmont Ave. do not want to get involved with your party planning events for Tequila & Auray? I don’t quite understand why you feel so deeply involved & committed for no profit with the Village of Larchmont when you have an entire town at your feet teeming with businesses?

  • pobo

    Hey Villager, I’ve noticed you have been highly critical of Polly Kriesman in this and other comments – As someone who also lives in the TOM, I think of the Village as my downtown – frankly, the TOM doesn’t have a “downtown”. Can you help me here and explain what the problem is?