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PR: Two Larchmonters Create You&Me Cookie Co.

Have you tasted a JUMBLE?

This tasty and healthy chocolate chip cookie is appearing in gourmet markets all over Westchester County.  Look for the sleek cellophane You&Me Cookie bag, containing a six-pack of delicious JUMBLE cookies. They are a perfect holiday gift for a teacher, friend, and neighbor. Or for the ideal hostess gift, pared them with a bottle of wine!

Heather de Lasa and Kyle Mahland of Larchmont formed You&Me Cookie.

Kyle de Lasa and Heather Mahland of Larchmont formed You&Me Cookie.

You&Me Cookie, the company behind the JUMBLE, is the brainchild of Heather Mahland & Kyle de Lasa, two friends and neighbors in Larchmont, New York. The contents of this baking partnership were simple. It began with a wonderful grandmother’s cookie recipe (Grape Nuts Cereal, oatmeal and chocolate chips), was mixed with a child’s nut allergy and topped with the desire to do something local.

you&mecookieMs. Mahland and Ms. de Lasa wanted to offer a high quality cookie with pure ingredients, and both believe that food should be fresh. Their mantra is buy them, eat them, enjoy them – no more packaged products filled with preservatives.  Grape Nuts Cereal and oatmeal are packed with fiber, and that adds to the nutritional value of the JUMBLE.

They also wanted to make and sell a nut free cookie. One of Ms. de Lasa’s sons is allergic to nuts and she was hesitant about buying fresh baked cookies at the local stores. “We want to be able to offer cookies that we know are nut free.” explained Ms.  Mahland.

The two Larchmonters also wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on their community.  “This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to do something we enjoy and get to know our community better,” Ms. de Lasa stated.  Friends are constantly passing by on baking days to have a hot cookie and a cup of coffee.  Parents are also grateful to have the option to add a healthy home baked cookie to their kids’ school lunches.

Now back to the cookie: it is both crunchy and chewy and looks great in the classic gray and burnt orange package. The only problem is that it is impossible to stop at just one.

Try them – you will not be disappointed!

JUMBLE cookies can be found at the following specialty food stores and markets in Westchester and Fairfield Counties:

Westchester County


Stanz and Soupz


Cherry Lawn

Milk Mart (cookie jar)

Aroma (cookie jar)



Standing Room Only

Park Place Bagels

Rye Ridge Deli (Rye Brook)

Fairfield County

Plum Pure Foods

Mary & Martha’s Catering

Greenwich Prime Meats

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    Can JUMBLE COOKIES be bought online for holiday gifts? Seems to me that there is a market for this as well. Good luck ladies! ;-)