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Voter Supports Budget

I am writing in support of the 2010-2011 school budget passed by the Mamaroneck School Board. Having attended many budget meetings, I do believe the administration and the Board worked diligently to balance the fiscal and educational concerns of the community to develop the best budget they could in difficult times. In addition, they have provided the community with a huge amount of information about the how the district spends money in a way that would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

As Superintendent Fried has said many times, “this is the best of the worst.” I feel the administration was also responsive when concerns were raised about specific cuts.

I hope residents of this community will support this budget and be sure to get out and vote on May 18.

Emily Saltzman Hoffner
Larchmont, NY

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1 comment to Voter Supports Budget

  • Anon E Mous

    An incredible acceptance, “the best of the worst”. Might “the worst of the best” be better? :-)

    Our current Superintendent retired after five years. Took a position in NJ paying 20% less than here. Oh and the pension. Oh doesn’t have our Districts cost of living next year, but he didn’t live in the District, and supposedly isn’t moving to NJ.

    Succession planning and a developing staff? Oh no, a national search instead.

    The new Superintendent, a 10% raise. Oh the cost of living in our District, but supposedly he isn’t moving here. Oh inflation, oh yeah that’s a good one. Forgot, it’s in the union contracts. A national search to find a guy from the ‘hood.

    And the list of accomplishments of the last five years, did we see those, or are they the scores of students that would be predicted in an above average socioeconomic area regardless of the schools?

    Magnificent negotiations with the unions. Three cheers. Oh but no results.

    Perhaps we could cut the funds the School District uses to advocate for the School Budget. A fair election? Oh my, oh my :-)

    Efficiencies accomplished and proposed? No way. A tax increase some advocate, well No Way.

    Cut a little bit here and a little bit there till we’ve reached the supposed bone but spend more and borrowed from “savings” ’cause of course next year will bring a magic windfall, like expiring state aid. And perhaps a little new math to make revenue projections match expenses and watch out if they don’t. Well the current Superintendent won’t be here so he’ll be okay.

    If gullible residents accepted this “best of the worst” budget, just how much does Ms. Hoffner think would be the tax increase next year?

    Oh, do you know how many are students are in Ms. Engels class ?

    So yes, the residents of the community will be out to vote on May 18. Even though the elections are held where it may not be convenient for many, not their usual polling place you know. A fair election? Oh my, oh my :-)

    Now, not tomorrow is the time for better answers. So to save the students and the future for us all on May 18th at the schools the residents will be out to VOTE NO.

    ‘The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.’ – Benjamin Disraeli