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In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

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Step Up To Improve Larchmont Business District

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Customers,

We all see, and are horrified by, the way our beautiful little business district has evolved into a decrepit, shabby, unkempt landscape. I am writing to underline the obvious to everyone who lives and works in our lovely special little village. The look of our business district is like the preverbal “elephant in the room.” Only now it is the “elephant on the street.”

Many unrented stores stick out that like missing teeth in a once smiling face. Landlords have let their properties languish month after month with easily viewed untidy interiors, dirty windows, torn and dirty awnings and litter strewn sidewalks. Couple this shameful presentation with high rents and you have the result we now live with – vacant spaces. This just cannot be good business for anyone. Maybe landlords can afford to be so cavalier but we cannot.

Our property values are not only dependent on the schools and our proximity to New York City, but on the charm of our village. Many of the real estate agents tell me that they not only “sell the Larchmont house” but “sell the town” as well. Take a look around and ask yourself if our main shopping streets merit praise and act as an incentive to a prospective home buyers or retailers.

To the Landlords:

This coming spring should provide the opportunity to contribute some inexpensive plantings in front of the stores that would make a world of difference to prospective renters. You don’t have time to do it yourself? Donate money to the Parks and Trees Committee and/or the Beautification Committee. They can help. The more stores we have vacant, the more stores we will have vacant. Who wants to shop in a town where there are finally places to park but no store open to get what you need? This situation has epidemic potential. It requires immediate and proactive attention.

To the Community:

Support your existing retailers as you would expect them to support your charity! Need a gift, buy it in town! Need decorating, source it in town! Need clothing, buy it in town! Need beauty services, buy them in town! You know how this works. We have to do this as a community. Let’s survive together. Don’t just chat about this situation over coffee. Step Up Please!

Thanking you in advance for your help and support,

Carol E Charny
Carol E Charny Vintage

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3 comments to Step Up To Improve Larchmont Business District

  • Concerned for Larchmont

    Carol, You are dead on. I am not a big shopper, but whenever I need to buy something, I try to buy it in town first. I live in Mamaroneck and have always supported the Avenue. Toys and bikes are purchased at Miller’s, fun clothing and gifts for girlfriends come from Siren, tailoring is taken care of by Marianne’s. Many other needs are met in Larchmont: my daughter’s dresses come from e.b. barret, boys shirts: D’agostinos, makeup and skincare: Pink, housegifts from your store or Wendy Gee (I even bought a sofa there)… and jewelry…how many gifts have I purchased from Palmer Jewelers over the years? My life would not be the same without Foley’s and Futtermans and Anderson’s book store. I love the needlepoint store, KBFAm the nice men’s wear in outerluxe and Tony’s…oh, I love Larchmont! I could write about every store and every eatery. If a shopkeeper offers nice quality at a fair price, with friendly service, I am your customer for life!
    On the other hand, I was forced out of Plaza, too. When they first opened, I purchased every handbag and pair of shoes I owned from them (except gym shoes). Then something changed and it wasn’t possible to buy a purse for under $500 and often they were priced well above $1,000.
    I hope that all of Larchmont and Mamaroneck will make an effort to buy in our towns. However, I think the town of Larchmont needs to bring pressure on the landlords for the state of their empty lots. I read somewhere that Kenise Barnes attempted to beautify the empty windows and could get nowhere with the landlords. That’s not okay. The town needs to be proactive…levy fines…do whatever it takes but don’t let our streets remain lined wtih boarded up storefronts. Yes it is a tough economic time, but drive down Mamk Ave, Purchase Street or Main street in NR and you will notice that those streets look much much lively and attractive. I hope our town can pull it together soon.

  • Judith Doolin Spikes

    Anyone with enough interest and time to pursue this might look at the Rivertowns for initiatives to take. Tarrytown downtown turned itself around (in the right direction) with First Fridays, and Hastings has recently begun to apply lessons learned from Tarrytown to its own downtown. Irvington has long been working on the same problems, as has Ardsley, and it is a topic much discussed, at least, for several years in Dobbs Ferry. Or a look might be taken at what Scarsdale and Bronxville are doing right. I apologize for not being able to pitch in and research these things myself–I’m offering only ideas, and ideas are the cheapest things on earth. So I’m just saying…

    • Anon E Mous

      ‘A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.’ – Antoine De Saint-Exupery