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School Budget/Bond Questions Clarified

Editor’s Note: A version of this message was sent by the Mamaroneck High School PTSA to subscribers of MHSTigerBytes, its email newsletter:

A number of parents have requested clarification on a few issues regarding the proposed Mamaroneck School District budget and bond votes set for May 19.

Budget vs. Bond

The annual budget, which is for one school year, provides for the daily operation of the district, covering expenses like teachers and utilities.  In contrast, a bond provides funding for necessary structural/building projects and can be paid off over time, like a home improvement loan.

The upcoming bond is for boilers and HVAC work at Hommocks and Central School, windows at the Hommocks, and roof repair and replacement throughout the district.

“Positions” vs. “Jobs”

The proposed budget reflects a reduction of 34.3 positions, including 17.4 teaching positions. But fewer actual jobs are lost — only 13.  What’s the difference between “positions” and “jobs”?

“Positions” refers to positions currently in the district today, 34.3 of which are being eliminated in the proposed budget due to the economic crisis.

The term “jobs,” in contrast, refers to actual people currently working in the district.

Because of the  economic stimulus package, salary and benefit concessions offered by the Mamaroneck teachers and administrators, and attrition, the district will be able to retain all tenured and probationary teaching jobs. (NO tenured or probationary teacher will be losing his or her job.)

Unfortunately, there are still 13 others who will be losing their jobs:  12 teaching assistants and one clerical worker.

Proposed Budget vs. Contingency Budget

In the proposed budget, the board approved a 3.23% budget-to-budget increase (a 3.89% tax rate increase), which is below the legally allowed contingency budget-to-budget increase of 4.7%.  Board members indicated during the budget process that because of the economic crisis, they did not think the community could afford the 4.7% contingency-level increase.

Should the proposed budget fail, the district would have to remove certain specified expense items from the failed budget, and this would then become the new contingency budget.

In the case of a “no” vote, the board could either put forth a revised budget for another vote or opt to go directly to the new contingency budget, which would result in a 3.21% tax rate increase (compared to the proposed 3.89% tax rate increase).

The difference in the taxpayer cost resulting from the proposed budget, versus the contingency budget, is $96 per average household for the year.  The contingency budget would require the district to defer non-emergency capital repairs and equipment expenses related to curriculum and instruction. It  would also have to close its facilities to the community or charge for building use.

More details can be found on the district website under: Budget and Bond Information.

Mamaroneck High School PTSA

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