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Beware: Cars Being Towed at Lot Near MHS

I had an unfortunate incident on Saturday and I wondered how to prevent others from having the same experience.

I attended the senior musical at Mamaroneck High School, and, knowing that I wanted to get away quickly afterward, I parked in the lot by Starbucks, where the athletic  shoe store no longer is located.  I remembered using it often as an overflow lot for evening events when our kids were in school a few years ago.

As you probably guessed, I returned to find my car no longer there.  I was not sure if it had been stolen or towed.  I called the number on the  ”private parking” sign, which was posted further back in the parking lot, nowhere near where I had parked, and the number was no longer in service.  Not knowing what else to do, I called 911 and the Mamaroneck Village police gave me a number to call.  The police said it was a private property issue, that the management of the property had started having cars towed away.

When I reached the number, I was told that the car was in Harrison – the far end of Harrison – and that it would cost $85 in cash if I wanted it back. Fortunately, I found a friend who was still at the high school who drove me to Harrison, via the  24 hour Citibank at North Barry.  (Another level-headed friend recommended stopping there instead of going all the way home for the cash.)

Other than being really upset and angry, I survived the incident and was able to retrieve my car that evening, avoiding further fees.  I had certainly not arrived home early.

But imagine someone who couldn’t come up with the $85 cash instantly, or who didn’t have a friend to drive them to Harrison.

I can’t be the only person to park in that lot, figuring that, at the end of the business day, the business owners would not mind someone parking there.

Do you have any ideas on how to publicize this to the wider community or how to put pressure on the management to stop this practice?  Who benefits besides the towing company?

Jean Young
Larchmont, NY

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11 comments to Beware: Cars Being Towed at Lot Near MHS

  • bobo

    Sorry for your troubles, but the lot is private property and I would imagine Starbucks was still open. Looking back it certainly would have been easier and quicker to park in the MHS lot and wait your turn to get out.

  • WHAT

    You had no business being parked there! How would you like it if someone parked in your driveway if there was no parking available on your street? Just because someone owns a parking lot next to a school means they have to provide parking for it. You were trespassing and you paid for it.–THE END

  • Mamaroneck Resident

    Wow, these are some harsh comments to the writer, who is trying to educate others so that they do not end up in a similar situation. I too have parked in business parking lots after closing time, figuring that, unlike the residential driveway mentioned by “WHAT,” the proprietor of the lot does not need the space after hours and will not be inconvenienced by my usage. Knowing now that that lot owner is having cars towed, I will make sure not to park there after hours. Thank you very much for the heads up.

  • bobo

    Do you have any ideas on how to publicize this to the wider community or how to put pressure on the management to stop this practice? Who benefits besides the towing company?

    Mamk Resident,
    As her words above state, she is not only warning people she is looking to coerce mgmt to stop the practice by “pressuring them”. All because she wanted to get away quick after the event-now didn’t that backfire. Sorry but they bought the lot, and they can do whatever they like within the law. If you are going to park on private property, even after closing time, you park at your own risk.

  • WHAT

    Mamk resident, the inconvenience to a lot owner is the fact that people use his/her lot for other businesses and his lot gets the wear and tear (pot holes,worn out parking lines). These all cost money to repair out of the owner’s pocket. Restaurant owners next to these lots they don’t own will make deals with lot owners to cover the cost.

  • Mamaroneck Resident

    okay, what and bobo, those are some valid points. i must admit I did not consider the increased wear and tear that results from increased usage. Fair enough.

  • Scratching my head

    Nice group of compassionate citizens we got here…..unreal!!

  • Similar Story

    I have a similar but much more outrageous story. My husband and I parked legally, in the middle of a recent Saturday afternoon, in the lot behind Subway to do some business in the UPS shop there. We were in UPS for about 8 minutes and when we came out our car was gone. We asked around and someone had seen it towed; Mamaroneck Village Police gave us a number that was not listed anywhere in the lot (as in Jean’s story). I called the towing company, which was in Harrison (as in Jean’s story). The towing company wanted $85–or $125 if we wanted the car turned around and returned to us (it hadn’t even gotten to Harrison yet). Our children were about to be stranded at ballgames and practices, so we had to pay $125 to get our car back. The tow-truck driver was hostile; plus he damaged our car letting it off the truck (he then wanted to do the body work)…..

    Now to go back to the original point: We were legally parked doing legitimate business in a retail parking lot in the middle of a shopping day. Jean may not be right in using Starbuck’s parking lot when attending MHS functions, but she is right in that there is an aggressive towing company out there just waiting around the corner (literally) to take your car. The retail business owners are upset; they cite several stories with customers losing their cars midday. The property owners may or may not realize what is going on, but they need to. They need to fire that towing company for starters. And the Mamaroneck Village Police need to start paying attention. We cannot afford to lose good retail customers in our Village and Town.

  • Larchmont resident

    I would suggest that “Similar Story” try to contact the property owner of the parking lot from which her/his car was towed. That owner, placing value on good customer relations, very likely does not want legally parked cars to be towed from the lot.

  • what

    If you show a receipt with a time and date on it they have to give you the car back without you paying for it.