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Attend Health Care Reform Town Hall: May 14

With overcrowded emergency rooms, skyrocketing hospital costs, physicians pressed to spend less time with more patients, and 47 million people without health insurance “the norm” in our daily medical lives,  many of us wonder what will it take to fix our broken health care system?  

Gone are the days when doctors made house calls.  What can we do to secure quality, affordable health care for our families and communities?

Some Larchmont and Mamaroneck residents are doing more than wonder.  As members of professional organizations and spinoffs of grassroots organizing groups for Obama last fall,  local advocates for change are hard at work.

Together with my colleagues Betsy Rosenthal and Kate Kelly, I encourage Larchmont friends and neighbors to speak out for the changes you want at the upcoming county-wide Town Hall Meeting on May 14,  sponsored by the Westchester Health Care Reform Task Force.

Betsy supports changing the whole financial management structure for health care delivery.  From decades of experience – she is a physician in private practice in Mamaroneck for 33 years, and has lived in Larchmont for 35 years – Betsy reports, “I have seen big changes in our health care system, and not for the better.”

“I cannot always give my patients the care I think they need because of constraints brought about by our broken, chaotic, inequitable health care system.  I’ve concluded that a national single payer health care program is the only way to solve this problem.  I hope fervently to see this reform happen in my lifetime, and am doing everything I know how to see that it happens soon.”

A medical writer and Larchmont resident, Kate feels that ” the most important issue confronting our nation is health care reform. We can’t afford to neglect so many of our citizens, from both a medical and financial perspective. ”

“The Town Hall meeting aims at bringing attention to this vital issue.  If this problem is to be solved in the next few years, citizens must keep pushing for reform … I’m merely doing my part as a citizen.”

As a daughter and mother, I can’t keep quiet any more.  Since drug coverage for senior citizens switched to private insurance in 2006, my 80-something parents have jumped through ridiculous hoops, struggling to decide each year how to pay for their medicines.  I also worry about my 22-year-old son who will have to scavenge for his own health insurance after his COBRA coverage expires.  

How will he pay for medicines, physician care, procedures, and heaven forbid, hospitalization?  And what about all those 47 million men, women and children without any kind of health insurance?

It’s time to tell our elected officials what needs to be changed –  here and now.

The Health Care Reform Town Hall Meeting takes place Thursday, May 14, 7:30 pm, at Greenburgh Town Hall Auditorium,  177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh.  Contact: Rachel Estroff at or  (914) 834 8482.

Terry Toll
Larchmont, NY 
Westchester Health Care Reform Task Force

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