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Cablevision: A Cautionary Tale on Refund

During the 30 years I lived in Westchester, 26 in Larchmont and 4 in White Plains, I was a loyal customer of Cablevision (and its predecessors), using first their cable TV service and later adding an internet connection. On May 27, the day I left New York to move to California, I returned my cable box and modem and was told that a refund would be sent to me at my new address.

In mid June I received a notice from Cablevision informing me that I was due a refund of $78.11. I was pleased. So far, so good. By then I had already received refunds from other services I had cancelled: phone (Verizon), home owner’s insurance (Travelers’), and auto insurance (Geico) for a car I had sold a few days before leaving. I remembered that when I returned my equipment in May, they told me it could take a few weeks for the refund to arrive.

So I waited. By August I was getting a little perturbed. On the 10th I called Cablevision and was told that, yes, I was due a refund, however it had never been sent. But not to worry, they would put through the order right away. It would take 10 business days (2 weeks) to process the check and then it would be mailed out.

I waited. Summer ended, Labor Day came and went. I called again. Now I was told that, indeed, a check had been sent on August 31st. It was already September 8th, but maybe the mail was a little slow because of the holiday weekend.

I waited. On September 15th I called again. I inquired about the check that was supposed to have been sent on August 31. No, I was told, it was “cut” on August 31 but mailed on September 11th. Hmmm.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me that yes, a check had been sent on September 11. I couldn’t help sharing with her my sneaking suspicion that Cablevision had never really planned to send me a check, that they hoped people like me would forget about the refund in the chaos of moving. I was assured that a big company like Cablevision would never engage in such practices. I was “promised” a check was on its way.

Once again I waited. Finally, on September 19 the check arrived — 3 months, 23 days and 3 phone call later. I noted the date on the check was September 15 — the very day I had spoken with a supervisor. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Joan Simon
formerly of Larchmont, NY

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1 comment to Cablevision: A Cautionary Tale on Refund

  • Jim S

    Joan, last year when I had issues with Cablevision I wrote a letter to their CEO and to the New York State Public Service Commission…… I didn’t even bother to send it certified mail. Within 5-days the PSC contacted Cablevision, three different layers of management contacted me within a couple of days. I was surprised at how quickly they reacted to a PSC inquiry, but it worked for me. I got my $80 back fast, then I switch to Verizon Fios.

    Jim S. New Rochelle.