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March 19 , 1942


The Larchmont Branch of the Westchester Committee for Service Men will again play host on Sunday, March 29, to a group of boys under arms, who will be invited into homes of the area for dinner. The customary tea dance at the American Legion Clubhouse, Flint Park, during the late afternoon, will be held with girls from the Junior Auxiliary as dancing partners.

The organization has released a letter, received from two of the sailor guests from the last party indicating the appreciation which the men feel for Larchmont’s hospitality. It is signed by “Elmer and Dick,” dated February 28, United States Naval Hospital, Brooklyn New York, and addressed to “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Heatherton

“I’m taking time in between classes to express Dick’s and my thanks to you for every bit of home comfort you gave us this past weekend.”

“I don’t believe thanking you really expresses our feeling of appreciation as much as we wanted to. But nevertheless we are very grateful for everything.”

“The dance afterwards was wonderful. It was quite an experience to meet so many nice girls all at once. We wish that if you ever come into contact with any of them you will thank them again for the good time they gave us. There wasn’t a boy there that didn’t admit he and one of the best times of his life.”

“Remember, Mr. And Mrs. Heatherton, we feel honored in having you for our friends. So thanks again and may God bless you both. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Your new Sailor Friends.”

Mrs. J. Henry Neal, Maple Hill Drive, and Mrs. H. P. Cunningham, Vine Road, are again taking the names of those families who would like to entertain two or more boys at dinner on the 29th. Anyone interested get in touch with them.

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