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August 13, 1942


If we required anything special to make us realize, how real this war is and how definitely we are allied with it, we would merely have to look around us and count the young men we know who are missing from their old familiar haunts and who are absent in answer to the call of their country.

Perhaps we haven't realized to what an extent the hand of Uncle Sam has reached out to pluck these young chaps from our midst but a statement released by the Larchmont-Scarsdale Draft Board makes it plain to us. More than 900 men from this area are now at various points, engaged in the service of their country. More are to be inducted on August 17. The figures issued by the Board show that it has inducted 387 men, that 329 have enlisted and that 202 were in the service when they registered under the Selective Service Act.

Thus we see that Larchmont and the unincorporated section of the Town is doing its duty andwe can take additional pride in the fact that so large a number voluntarily enlisted from this area. These men have been scattered, we might say, to the four winds, Where destiny will lead them,we cannot know or guess, but we are certain that they will give a brilliant accounting of themselves. We can only follow them in our thoughts and in our prayers but those thoughts and prayers should go out to them daily - many times daily - not alone to those we knew personally but to all of them. May God watch over them and bring them home safely in His own good time.

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