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April 16, 1942


Miss Ruth Stewart Tenders Her Resignation To Mamaroneck Board Of Education

Miss Ruth Stewart, principal of the Chatsworth Avenue School in Larchmont since 1922, tendered her resignation to the Mamaroneck Board of Education, Tuesday.

Miss Stewart, who commented today that she did not intend to retire in the full sense of the word, said she will spend her winters in Florida and New York city and travel extensively. Her resignation was accepted with regret by the Board Tuesday night.

The Board, however, took no action on a successor. It has also to find a successor to T. James Ahern, principal of the Mamaroneck Senior High school, who was being elevated to the post of Superintendent, replacing A. Z. Boothby, who will retire in June.

Miss Stewart was born in Johnstown, New York, and attended high school they are. After her graduation from the New Paltz, NY Normal School, she did special work at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and at City College of New York.

She taught in elementary and intermediate greats in Manhattan and Mystic, Connecticut, and was director of the intermediate grades at State Teacher’s College at Lock Haven in Pennsylvania. She was also principal of the Beacon-on-Hudson elementary schools before assuming her post with the Chatsworth Avenue School

This Stewart resides at seventeen Addison Street, near the school she heads. The Chatsworth Avenue School has an enrollment of approximately 500 pupils.

Miss Stewart is a member of the World Federation of Education Associations, the National Education Association, and is a past president of the New York City branch of the National Council of Education. She is a member of the Elementary Principals branch of the National Education Association, of the New York City Academy of Public Education, and of the New York City Society for the Study of Education.

Expressing appreciation for the cooperation given by the teaching staff of the Chatsworth Avenue School and by the parents of children with whom she has worked since 1922, Miss Stewart today said she was “most grateful to all of them.”

May 14, 1942


Joseph McLain Of Oneonta Wins Post In Senior High School. Board Fills Post Vacated By Miss Stewart.

Joseph C. McLain of Oneonta High School in Otsega, New York, has been appointed Principal of the Mamaroneck High School, effective July 1, it was announced today by Superintendent of Schools Arthur Z. Boothby.

The appointment was made Tuesday by the Mamaroneck Board of Education, which also named Dr. Helen T. Halter, teacher of social studies and English and the Mamaroneck Junior High School, as principal of the Chatsworth Avenue Elementary School in Larchmont.

Mr. McLain will succeed T. James Ahern, who becomes Superintendent of Schools when Mr. Boothby retires in June after having served for 25 years in that position. Dr. Halter succeeds Miss Stewart as principal of the Chatsworth Avenue School. Miss. Stewart tendered her resignation recently.

Mr. McLain was born in Liberty, Pennsylvania, received his A.B. at Susquehanna University, and his master’s degree at Cornell university. He has had eighteen years of experience as an educator, serving for five years as Headmaster of the Hardwick Seminary, five years as a teacher of history at Oneonta High School, and six years as principal of that school.

He is married and has two children, one a sophomore and the other a junior in high school. Mr. McLain is Treasurer of the New York State Association of Secondary School Principals and Chairman of the Committee on Teachers Education Certification and Improvement of the State Teachers’ Association.

He was one of twenty educators in New York State to be chosen by the State Education Department last summer to be sent to the Harvard University workshop for the study of out-of-school youth training. His expenses were paid by the state.

In Oneonta, he was also director of a vocational program for in-school and out-of-school use, through the assistance of the National Youth Administration.

Dr. Halter was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and received her A. B. and A. M. at the Washington University of St. Louis, and her Doctor of Philosophy at New York University. She has had fourteen years of experience as a teacher.

Dr. Haalter first served as a high school teacher in Venice, Illinois, and then served for eight years in the demonstration school of Milne High School at Albany, New York. She was appointed a teacher of social studies and English in the Mamaroneck Junior High School in 1938. This is also taught during the summer and a night teaches a number of educational courses at New York University.

Dr. Halter is a member of the New York Regents’ committee of curriculum revision in social studies. She is associate editor of “The Clearinghouse,” publication of the New York University School of Education. She is author of “Society in Action,” a guide to social studies, and is co-author of “Social Studies Skills.”

The Board of Education has not yet acted on the appointment of a successor to her teaching post at the Junior High School.

Gazette Note: Miss Ruth Stewart served as principal between 1922 and 1942. See the Retirement Dinner for Miss Lynch in 1922.


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