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December 31 , 1942


Local board Executive simplifies new system to be introduced.

Basic facts on point rationing were outlined today by H.P. Bailey, Chairman of the Harrison-Mamaroneck War Price and Rationing Board. Point rationing will be introduced to Americans early in 1943. when War Rationing Book Two is distributed.

The purpose of point rationing is to guarantee everyone a fair share of scarce but essential goods while at the same time giving everyone a variety of items from which to choose.

There are three chief differences between point rationing and the coupon rationing which is now in effect for sugar and coffee.

The first important difference is this: under straight coupon rationing one coupon entitles the consumer to buy a specific amount of a single commodity - such as one sugar coupon entitles you to buy a specified amount of sugar.

But in point rationing one set of coupons covers a whole group of commodities. For instance, your week's meat ration coupons would enable you to choose your ration freely among beef, veal, pork, lamb, or mutton.

The second important difference is this: The coupons in point rationing are of different denominations. Those to be spent in one week, for example, will include a one-point coupon, a two-point coupon, a five point coupon and an eight-point coupon.

The third important difference is this: The various rationed items in one group will have different point values. For example, tenderloin steak, been relatively scarcer, have a high point value and require a larger number of coupons, while hamburger, being available in greater quantities would have a lower point value. Thus, in exchange for a ration coupon worth eight points, the housewife might be able to obtain 1 pound of tenderloin steak, or 4 pounds of hamburger. (Point values had NOT been set; values used here are for illustration purposes only.)

The government will set the point value for each item within the group of rationed products and issue an official list. Point values will be based on available supplies, and will vary as supplies of particular items increase or decrease.

War Ration Book Two will have four pages of blue stamps and four pages of red stamps. The blue stamps will be used for the first group of goods to be rationed by points. The red stamps will be used for the second group of point-rationed items. The number on each stamp tells how many points the stamp is worth. The letter on each stamped tells for what period it is good. The government will announce these periods in advance.

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