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August 20, 1942


Sunday’s storm which sent the Sheldrake and Mamaroneck Rivers roaring and caused dangerous and costly flood conditions were bad enough, but a return engagement on Monday literally threw many householders into the jitters as they saw the waters mounting up and the damage multiplying.

For those who suffered damage there is little comfort in the thought that the storms caused extensive damage over a wide area, or in the fact that the rainfall was one of record proportions. The thought uppermost in their minds was that these flood periods are becoming much too frequent and that the damage and inconvenience would be less if this section was better safeguarded by flood-control facilities.

We have commented on this subject before but it is not one to be dropped until tangible efforts have been taken to remedy the situation. To be sure such rainfalls are to be viewed as an act of God and to be sure flooded conditions must be looked for as a natural result of such terrific downpours. And, yet, it is the duty of man to fortify himself as best he can against such natural forces and to so plan that he can not be entirely at the mercy of the unleashed elements.

This newspaper is frank to say that we have not fulfilled our duty in this respect. We have thought about it – yes! We have made surveys and considered what might be done - yes! But the remedy has not yet been applied and we are today as helpless in the clutch of a severe storm as we were when we first began to give attention to the subject.

It is clear that the time has now arrived when patience is being washed away by the angry waters and when many who have been patient are becoming irate. They cannot be blamed. It is one thing to be knocked down now and then but none of us relish a knock-down diet so frequently as we have been having it handed to us. Our officials owe it to our taxpayers, property owners and residents in general to drop everything else if necessary and concentrate on some plan that will bring some measure of relief. The people of Larchmont and Mamaroneck have stood up and taken this sort of thing about as long as they can be expected to take it. If our officials have never been busy before, they must get busy now.

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