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April 16 , 1942


The training course for senior and junior high school couriers is to be resumed this week; The Junior High today at 3:15 under John Madey and Herbert Morgenroth; the Senior High Friday at 3:05 under William A. Rex Jr. and Miss Maud Devereux.

These couriers had an organization meeting before the Easter vacation at which each was given an assignment to make an enlarged map of his or her own district with the location of its senior warden’s headquarters. At the coming meeting, they will proceed from the enlargement of their own districts to include outlining all other districts and they then will be given maps for use in locating all necessary posts and stations of the Air Raid Protection Services. Next they will be asked to place all bridges and viaducts, and to plan shortest roots among the services, and the best alternate routes.

Another part of the couriers’ training will be learning to carry verbal messages. Although they will always be given written messages while on duty, they must have the import to each one memorized. Mr. Rex says the instructors have devised an interesting game to show the couriers the great importance of listening to instructors. Each meeting will stress couriers’ equipment and knowledge of the various services’ insignia so that the couriers will know at a glance what any arm band stands for.

The course is expected to be completed in four weeks. There are about 50 Senior High School and 45 Junior High School couriers, and there is still room for more. Anyone interested should contact Mrs. T. K. Wright, at Larchmont 2-0735.

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