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January 8 , 1942


The second meeting of the home defense course was held Monday in the auditorium of Saint Augustine’s school, with N. Richard Hyman, of the Mamaroneck Air Raid Observation Post, in charge.

Two moving pictures were shown, one demonstrating the disastrous results of negligence in observing blackout rules, the other revealing methods for control of incendiary bombs.

The pictures were followed by talks by Fire Chief Alexis B Cuneen and Dr. Francis Murphy. Chief Cuneen based his advice on that issued by the Army bulletins as well as from his own experience.

“The Army,” he said, “has designated the local fire departments as solely responsible for coping with fires occurring as the result of an air raid.” He pointed out that with the large number of fires which might start with an air raid it would be an impossible task for the fire department to handle unless the public cooperates fully. Menbers of each household must do all they can to control incendiary bombs, he said, adding proper treatment can retard the fire caused by such bombs. Chief Cuneen gave instructions on how to protect the home. He urged that attics be put in order, lined with wallboard, the floors sanded, and if possible boxed with chicken wire.

He gave explicit plans for controlling incendiary bombs, preferably by a course spray of water. In the event the water supply fails the use of dry sand is expedient. He suggested that each house have on hand a stirrup pomp, a small axe, gloves, goggles, a long-handled shovel, a garden hose long enough to reach into the attic, and available pails. He demonstrated how taping or boarding windows will greatly cut down the danger of flying shattered glass. In conclusion, he advised the public to prepare a place of shelter in the basement, but not to forget that during a raid is essential to make frequent inspections of the attic.

Doctor Murphy gave general rules about the care of contusions, fractures, and lacerations to be employed by the layman until proper medical care is available.

At the conclusion of the meeting Chief Cuneen invited the class to witness a demonstration in front of the fire house. Here, magnesium was ignited and a demonstration given of the proper spray of water to be used to control the fire.

A third meeting of the home defense course will be held Monday night. The place of meeting will be announced later.

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