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Larchmont President McGeachin's Speech

Edward F. Albee's Speech


President McGeachlin and Mrs. Edward F. Albee lay the cornerstone for Larchmont Municipal Hall.

Larchmonter Times, July 20, 1922

President McGeachlin's Speech at the Ceremony

Friends and guests of our Village: Your trustees are glad to be with you this afternoon on the occasion of this simple ceremony which tracks another milestone in the history of the development of our beautiful Village.

There has been deposited in this cornerstone, a brief history of our community, the names of all former Village Presidents, pictorial records of the Village has it looks today, together with original films, also records of all the organizations functioning in the Village at this period, coins of this year's vintage, copies of the "Larchmonter-Times," copies of all the principal New York papers, so that in the process of time, say one or two hundred years from now, when another and larger municipal building will have to be erected here, they will be found these records of how the Village of Larchmont appeared in the year 1922.

The importance of official local government cannot be too strongly emphasized. It is a cure or for many of the troubles of the world that the world is passing through today. In the administration of our local affairs, we pay no heed to any political party. There is only one party known to our Village and that is the party to which you all belong, The Larchmont Party.

We are standing firmly to maintain Larchmont first and foremost as a residential community, a place that one delights to live in, and where busy business men can recover somewhat from the nervous strains of everyday life in the city.

The erection of this building is the outcome of the desire of our citizens to provide a proper place for the police, fire, street, water and other administrative departments, so that their business can be carried on under proper working conditions and with greater facility, as demanded by the extension of our activities. In addition to the various departments have always existed, the Village is now operating its own water supply, also building and constructing its own streets instead of through a contractor, so that you can readily understand that your trustees are kept busily engaged almost continuously.

We hope that when the structure is completed, that you will take advantage of meeting with us more often can help us with your suggestions towards the better government of our Village, because we are your servants and whatever you require done and wish to pay for, we're always willing and anxious to carry out, if found expedient.

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