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Larchmont Gazette's "Year in Review" Project interprets the history of Larchmont year by year. We strive to allow Larchmonters to speak for themselves, and to present Larchmont as it was, through news reports, pictures, and official documents. Our first year is 1922. 

The Larchmont Train Station

Trolley Company Puts Back The Big Cars

Heed Demand of Public and Replace "Toonerville" Cars with Larger Ones. Now Everyone Is Happy Except One Man Who Operates.

From the Larchmonter Times, September 16, 1922

The New York and Stamford Railway Company has heeded the demands of the traveling public and the protests of the press of New Rochelle and Larchmont and have put back the big cars on their line between Larchmont and New Rochelle. The "Toonerville" cars, seeting about 30 passengers, which replaced the big cars a week ago were taken off last Friday in the usual big cars put back.

The Larchmonter-Times congratulates the New York and Stamford Railway Company upon their quick action in putting the big cars back on the line. The change not only insures a seat for each passenger, but a proper amount of breathing space as well. The riding is easier also as the car keeps to the track better than the "Toonerville" cars which are so light that, as T. Palmer Howell said in his letter to the newspaper, a resident of Howell Park became "sea sick" riding on one of them. Mr. Howell's letter:

    Dear Sir:

    After reading your account of the new trolleys which have been installed between Larchmont and New Rochelle, I had an experience which, I believe will be of interest to you and your readers.

    Preparatory to going home to Larchmont, I boarded one of the new cars at Watson and Main Street Tuesday at 5 o'clock. These cars are intended to seat 30 persons. Upon counting the passengers in the car, I discovered that there were twelve passengers standing.

    One of the ladies who lives in Howell Park in Larchmont was quite ill from the motion of the car which was rocking like a tug-boat on the high seas. She complained of an ailment comparable to sea-sickness.

    There are many other Larchmont residents who are complaining of the great inconvenience of the present system of transferring at Larchmont station from the main or Stamford line. There is absolutely no shelter at the transfer station where these cars meet.

    Very truly yours,

    T. Palmer Howell

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