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Detail from the architect's sketch for the Albee Court development project, illustrating plans for the Albee Court Apartments, the Larchmont National Bank, and the Larchmont Public Library.

Larchmonter Times, June 20, 1922


Prominent corner of Post Road and Larchmont Avenue to be beautified by the erection of modern buildings by Larchmont's public-spirited citizen, Edward F. Albee.

A most agreeable surprise to many Larchmonters and a very welcome verification to others of certain rumors that have existed for some time, it is the announcement that the Albee property on the northeast corner of the Boston Post Road and Larchmont Avenue is to be developed in a manner that will be in keeping with the aggressiveness of the Village in erecting the modern up-to-date Municipal Building on the opposite southwest corner.

The proposed Municipal Hall, in the cover of "Larchmont the Beautiful," published in the Larchmonter-Times in 1922.

This proposed development, which will mean much to all residents and property holders and Larchmont, is to be in keeping with the broad-minded, far-seeing and public-spirited character of Mr. E. F. Albee, who purchased the property in 1918 as he himself states: "to preserve and beautify the appearance of the Village generally, and of this most conspicuous and prominent corner in particular, with a permanent development which would be pleasing and gratifying to anyone with whose name it might be associated."

A proposed scheme for the complete development of the property along these lines, submitted by Mr. Albee by the Directors' Corporation, a company incorporated in March 1922 and organized primarily to erect a new building for the Larchmont National Bank, met with cordial approval and immediate promise of cooperation by Mr. Albee, who consented at once to become one of the directors of the Corporation.

Detail from the architect's sketch for the Albee Court development project.

The illustration which is published in this week's Larchmonter-Times is a preliminary sketch of the treatment of the property is viewed from northerly side of Post Road. The principal feature of the scheme will be "Albee Court" a fireproof modern Apartment House which will have the entrances of the apartment of the building through an inviting an ornamental iron gateway directly opposite the Municipal Building. On the Post Road the Ground Floor will be given up to high class stores arranged so as to be completely separated from the Apartments, there being no entrances to the Apartments from the Post Road. As the Zoning Law of the Village prohibits apartment buildings on land more than 100 feet distant from the Post Road at this point, advantage has been taken of the interior lots to introduce attractive landscape features, with pleasant winding drives and walks, flower beds and shrubbery.

The sketch of the proposed Larchmont National Bank building.

In addition to the apartment building there are two other important features incorporated into the scheme for the development of this property. On the corner as indicated by the illustration, there will be immediately erected a modern bank building to be occupied by the Larchmont National Bank upon completion. The plan provides ample facilities in keeping with the increased capitalization of the Larchmont National Bank and the transaction of its steadily increasing business, the present bank building, on the corner of the Post Road and Chatsworth Avenue, which was built some 20 years ago, having been outgrown by the demands for working space, officers quarters, larger vaults, and general public space.

The Larchmont National Bank in 1911, at the corner of the Post Road and Chatsworth Avenue, courtesy of Judith Doolin Spikes.

The second feature of the Town Planning which Mr. Albee has assured for Larchmont is the new proposed Public Library, the design and location of which is suggested in the reproduced sketch. Mr. Albee has said "Put it there, where it belongs, I'll give the land" and besides giving the land he has made a very generous contribution, as the Treasurer for the Public Library can verify.

The sketch of the proposed Larchmont Public Library.

All things considered, after reviewing what has been accomplished for Larchmont during the past year and what is contemplated for the next year, it was seen as if our Village is making a place for itself on the map.

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