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Year in Review

The "Year in Review" interprets Larchmont history, year by year. Larchmonters speak for themselves through the news articles, pictures and official documents of the times. Larchmont Gazette's first year in review is 1922.


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Detail from the architect's sketch for the Albee Court development project, illustrating plans for the Albee Court Apartments, the Larchmont National Bank, and the Larchmont Public Library.

Proposed Library Wins Support

Schoolchildren give their reasons for the establishment of such an institution.

From the Larchmonter Times, March 16, 1922

Sentiment is rapidly crystallizing in favor of some sort of free library for this community. Several of the various local organizations have gone on record as in favor of the project, the Larchmont Post of the American Legion being the latest of these organized bodies to lend its approval for the measure.

Recently the young people in the higher grades of the Chatsworth Avenue school participated in a composition contest, when the subject was intelligently discussed from the viewpoint of the child. Some of the best compositions are published herewith.

The public library for Larchmont.

Would you like to have a public library for Larchmont? Think of all the books that you would enjoy reading. Some people are too poor to buy good books and others will not buy them. It would help to make better citizens and give more people a chance to read one book.

It is too far to go to New Rochelle library and many children want bicycles to get there. It would be better to put the money in the library for Larchmont, than paying for wheels and out-of-town fees. It would also keep many children out of mischief.

Don't you want to be more educated and have a hall for lectures? If you would, vote for a public library for Larchmont.

Catherine McLain, Grade 7A.

Books for Larchmont

"Say Fred, have you a book you can lend me? I've read every book that's at home, and all in our school library."

Such are the questions asked by the people of Larchmont. Why not get a library and be done with it.

It would help in school too. Think of the fine reference books the library could supply, and if you bought them yourself, your family alone would get the benefit. A library would show a sign of progress and would also beautify Larchmont. I make a motion - Larchmont gets a library. Who seconds?

George Aspern, Grade 7A.

Why Larchmont needs a library.

Did you ever run out of good books? If so you know what it's like. It's a rainy day. You've finished the last good book in the house. The American Boy and Boy's Life are are about two weeks off. It's pretty dull all day.

Now, if we had a library we would be able to walk a few blocks and get a good book. Take a boy who comes home with a history lesson to prepare. He looks through the home bookcase. Nothing there. He goes to a friend to borrow book. He says "Loan me a history, Bill!" "Haven't any!" says Bill. Next day the boy goes to school with an unprepared lesson.

It would also afford a quiet reading place when mother starts the vacuum cleaner going. We would like to spend many quiet hours there, and sometimes I know we would be delighted with a story hour or an exhibition. Children of Larchmont, vote for a library!

Richard Roegter, Grades 7A.

Larchmont wants a library.

Did you ever want a good book more on a rainy day than on any other when you have run out of good books? How pleasant it would be to go into a quiet reading room and read any book that you would want to. His Larchmont could get people interested, it would be easy to start a library.

The children in school could go to the library and use reference books to look up the fine points on history and many other topics. Some reference books that the library would have, people would never think of buying.

There would be an exhibition home there were pictures and other interesting things could be shown. Children that want to learn more about other countries would go to the library and draw maps of them and also learn where different products came from.

If a person was going to take up a new trade and wanted to know more about it, he could there find the books that told him about that trade.

In fact the library and Larchmont would be constantly used by everyone.

Richard Dyer, Grade 7A.

A Library for Larchmont

A library for Larchmont! Wouldn't that be grand? Then we can have all the books we want to read. When we run out of books we won't have to be going to the New Rochelle Library. It surely will make Larchmont a very desirable place to live and also help to educate and make us children and people better citizens. All vote for a library for Larchmont!

Mary Butler, Grade 7A

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