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From an undated picture. Miss Lynch is third from left.

Retiring Principal Of Chatsworth Avenue School Guest Of Honor At Testimonial Dinner At Larchmont Yacht Club Attended By Over 100.

(May 21,1922) Larchmont has had many a wonderful celebrations in the past - events which will live long in the history of the community, but none of these happenings will stand out more conspicuously in the years to come than the testimonial dinner given in honor of Miss Margaret Lynch on the occasion of her retirement as principal of the Chatsworth Avenue School on Monday evening, at the Larchmont Yacht Club.

Assembled around the festive board to do honor to the guest of the evening were over 100 men and women of all walks in life, eager to pay their tribute of respect and appreciation of the wonderful work of Miss Lynch as executive of the local public school. It was an event where justice was done by the various interesting speakers and it was the unanimous sense of those present that Miss Lynch and her eleven years of endeavor in Larchmont measured up to all the fine things said about her.

A pleasing, interesting and novel manner of depicting various incidents and the life of the guest was prepared as a surprise by Miss Lynch’s brother, Humphrey J. Lynch of White Plains. It was in the form of moving pictures and it began with the little old homestead where Miss Lynch was born in the northern part of the state. The pictures showed the numerous schools at which she was associated from the time which she first of ten did school up to and including the Chatsworth Avenue School, Herkimer, White Plains, New Rochelle, Grove City, Pa. and State Normal and several likenesses of dear school friends were also flashed upon the screen. Mr. Lynch, who is one of the best attorneys of this county, explained the several pictures not without is well known oratory or humor, much to the delight of the audience. As a fitting climax after Joseph F. Gleason’s picture was shown, a likeness of Miss Lynch’s mother who is now 82 years old was produced.

And the wonderful feast which was made possible through the courtesy of the officials of the Larchmont Yacht Club, supervised by the versatile manager Gederra, was not all the honors that were bestowed upon Miss Lynch. A gift, a wonderful token of esteem and remembrance in the form of an ivory toilet set of no small proportions was presented by the toastmaster Joseph F. Gleason in behalf of the community.

When Miss Lynch arose to express our deep appreciation for the great honors which had come to her, she did so in a clear composed manner. Although her heart was filled to overflowing with joy, she expressed her thanks and gratitude for the wonderful evening and added that she was very glad if only one-tenth was true of what had been said about her. The speaker gave full measure for her success as principle here to her faithful corps of co-workers, the close cooperation of the parents, and the generous assistance of the best Board of Education it was ever her privilege to know. Miss Lynch asked for even a greater cooperation of the parents and for criticism of the constructive kind. In conclusion, Ms. Lynch said she could not find words adequate to tell of her sincere appreciation for the wonderful reception given in her honor.

The first speaker was the Reverend Richard Cobden who recalled Larchmont before there was any public school, some 26 years ago. But school taxes were levied just the same and it was a case of taxation without representation. E. J. O’Gorman was then Larchmont’s representative on the Board of Education, and as a result of agitation it was ascertained by Charlie Perrin that there were just two children of school age here. However, a school was erected and at that time it was called “a whale of a building.” The community has been wonderfully blessed and having Miss Lynch as its school principal. The speaker then referred to the cooperation and assistance and the willingness of Miss Lynch in any movement which he had taken up with her. Particularly was Miss Lynch interested in helping along the annual community Christmas tree celebration for the children which was inaugurated a few years ago by Mr. Albee. Here Mr. Cobden referred to Mr. Albee’s generosity in wanting every kiddy in Larchmont to be remembered at the Yuletide, saying if there ever was a Christmas-like man, Mr. Albee was one. Mr. Cobden then expressed his best wishes to the guest of honor for her future happiness and success.

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