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Where Can I Find A Summer Job?

Dear Career Doctor:

I’m a high school student and I need a summer job. I’m 16 and have my work papers. I thought I could get a job anywhere as a camp counselor. I didn’t realize I had to apply for those jobs long ago. All my friends have jobs, usually because they had the same job before, or their parents knew somebody. Where should I look?
Waited too long
Dear Waited:
Because camp counselor and other summer jobs are often filled months ahead of time, there are often no-shows and drop-outs.   So I suggest you contact all the local day camps and some sleep-away camps, asking if there are any unexpected openings.   If the answer is no, ask to be put on a waiting list and say that you will call back to check each Friday for the next few weeks.  (I chose Friday because people often quit after they get their paychecks.)
Follow up, and pleasantly make those calls each Friday, saying that you are still interested.   Sure you may annoy a few people, but the rest of them will be impressed by your perseverance and interest in their program.  If someone drops out, even if there is a waiting list, you will be right there and remembered.  That often helps a person jump to the top of the list — because the employer doesn’t want to be bothered calling the list.  They also assume that someone so interested that they would call repeatedly about a job will not be another person who might drop out.
Meanwhile, you can canvas your neighbors to see if anyone who lives nearby knows of any jobs.  And, of course, canvas local businesses, too.

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2 comments to Where Can I Find A Summer Job?

  • paula ungar

    This is in response to “Where to find a Job” The YES office at Mamaroneck High school is the place to look first. This year the jobs were scarce but one never knows where one will turn up so stop by the office. Pauline Ungar volunteer at the YES office.

  • Alisa Kesten

    Paying jobs are tight this year but if you have the time and inclination, volunteering can be a great way to build a resume, learn new skills and be involved in important work of nonprofits throughout our communities. Visit the central place for volunteering, The Volunteer Center of United Way, at to check out one time opportunities or ongoing ways to get involved.
    P.S. — this is a great site for anyone of any age!