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How Smart Are Lawyers?

Dear Career Doctor,

I really want to be a lawyer but I am afraid that I don’t have the intelligence. Is being a lawyer really hard? If it is, I don’t know if that’s the right job for me.

Grace V.

Dear Grace:

In every field, including law, you will find a surprisingly broad range of intelligence. But every lawyer has to get through college with good grades to get into law school.

Then they have to pass the LSATs, which requires a certain kind of intelligence and logical thinking. Then prospective lawyers have to get through three years of rigorous coursework in law school. Of course, some go to law school part-time, especially if they are working. It may be easier to take a few law courses at a time instead of a full course load.

You don’t tell me what your IQ score is or what your grades in school are like, so I have no idea whether the course work would be too difficult. The counselor at your school might be able to look at your records and advise you on this.

If the counselor discourages you, consider becoming a legal assistant, often called a paralegal.

There are various degrees that qualify a person to become a paralegal: one year certificate programs, 2 year associate degrees and degrees from 4 year colleges.

You could see how you like the coursework in a certificate program and then see how you like working in a law firm. If it appeals to you, you could go on for further study.

Career Doctor

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1 comment to How Smart Are Lawyers?

  • jean

    Your answer was helpful. Which online colleges/universities do you reccomend for paralegal/ legal assistant studies?
    thanks a bunch.