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Career Doctor: Dealing With A Demotion

Dear Career Doctor:

I have a new manager who treats me like a child. I was moved from a management position at a plant that was closed to this new position where I am no longer in a management role. Although I resent this, I am trying very hard to maintain a positive attitude and do my very best, since I was not given a pay decrease.

My new manager goes out of his way to make comments like, “Why are you a trouble maker?” when I ask serious questions. He has chastised me for the clothes that I wear even though they are within the guidelines of the dress code. When I first started the position I was taking 1 hour lunches. He took me aside and said, “Are the new hours not working out?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. He then said, “You’re taking long lunches. Why?” I said that I thought I had an hour for lunch. He said no, 1/2 hour only. This was not explained to me.

I do not have a problem with criticism. I have a problem with being scolded like a schoolgirl. I am also concerned because I have heard him make off color comments about other races and women – so I feel that there is no respect for my abilities.

Human Resources told me to “work it out with him” myself. When I try to discuss these things he cuts me off in mid-sentence and it is like a pissing match. (Excuse my language. Don’t know how else to explain it.)

Do you think that I should go to his boss? I don’t want to be labeled a “trouble maker.” But I don’t think I can take this. I love my job and what I do, so I am not inclined to quit at this time. (But I have begun looking.)


Dear JT:

Your boss sounds like a jerk who is probably intimidated by having a former manager work under him. BUT you say you like your job, so rather than complain (although his potty mouth deserves complaint) I would go out of my way to let him know you have listened to his complaints and are trying to comply with his requests. Here’s why:

There was a surprise finding from a study that compared managers who made it to the top versus those whose careers became permanently derailed: the difference was NOT that one group had setbacks while the other didn’t. In fact, the successful managers had as many setbacks as the unsuccessful group. The difference lay in how they managed their problems. Successful managers accepted criticism and were non-defensive about changing their behavior as requested by higher-ups. Managers that became permanently derailed were defensive and fought the feedback.

So, I would tell the new boss that your goal is to make him happy so that you can eventually, with his help, regain a management position. Let him know you will dress the way he wants, eat for just a half hour, and try to comply with any other critique he has. This may seem like a bitter pill to swallow, but since HR said to work it out with him, going to his boss will probably not succeed. If you find he is just too offensive to work for, collect your salary while looking for another job.

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4 comments to Career Doctor: Dealing With A Demotion

  • Eleanor

    Dear Career Doctor:

    I would love to see a series of articles geared toward upcoming College Graduates on “How to find a job in this tough market to include help on writing a resume, dressing for the job interview, meeting with employers, networking, and how to find a needle in the haystack opportunity.” I don’t think colleges are preparing our students for the reality of finding a job.

    Always enjoy reading your articles.

  • Dancerina

    I too enjoy the career doctor’s articles. she seems very smart and knowledgeable about the current events and dealings in the job market. Nice job!

    An idea for the Gazette; why not create a section for a job exchange page? For instance, if any locals or former “townies” are looking to fill a position at their company, they can list it on the Gazette in the career section. Likewise, if any body is looking for a position, they can post it here too. I see this as a great opportunity to Partner together. Hope you like my idea!!

  • Anon E Mous

    Perhaps a ‘Hostile Work Environment’ ? ?

  • Steaming Stanley

    The problem with “Corporate America” (if you can call it that today. It used to exude professionalism, now it’s just loaded w/ snakes in the grass and poor unsuspecting souls lapping up the venom) is that the lunatics are running the asylums today.

    Trust is destroyed, few people move up the ladder based on any true acts of merit and company politics tops all. When I was green and new to the career world, give or take 30 years ago, we had a very different outlook on what it took to advance and how to treat co-workers including subordinates. Today, it’s all about smoke and mirrors. Not quality or substance, instead image and networking.

    In the past, you respected the senior people in your company hierarchy; today, they are scorned or worse yet (the loyal ones) tossed aside like used doormats when honesty and integrity are their greatest attributes.

    The proverbial little guy is not the newbie but the one in the office today who doesn’t fit the slick willie mold; and he is often referred to as an old shoe “nice guy, but isn’t senior management “material” because he plays by the rules of the old school and is not one of the real players.

    My advice is this: the writer should not sell her soul to the devil. In the very short run, she should do what this “boss” wants (law abiding!) and then make every effort to get the heck out. She will never win or advance with a boss like that. Clearly, he is either threatened by her or dislikes her for reasons she will never need to know. He is not playing by the rules of the road and seems to be able to get away with it which is the most disturbing part of all. Sexual harrassment is when a man or a woman harrasses the opposite sex. It does not necessarily have to include sex or sexual innuendos but left unharnessed it almost always leads to this. It is a clear cut form of abuse and abusers never change. My advice is to get a new job, pronto.

    There is a reason that American businesses are down the drain today, because not only have we shipped our jobs overseas but it also appears that the trust worthy, professional and loyal, employer and employees have been tossed to the wind simultaneously. There’s an old saying, don’t throw out the baby, with the bath water. Unfortunately, I think we may have already done so.

    God Bless Corporate America (what’s left of it)!