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Career Doctor: Job Opening In New Rochelle

Several days ago I received this question:

Dear Career Doctor:

I have a job opening in my publishing company in New Rochelle but don’t know how to post it in the Larchmont Gazette! I surely could use a bright, young person, but where can I find some of the fabulous, experienced, unemployed adults right here in Larchmont?


In the near future, the Gazette will feature classified ads, but doesn’t have that capacity yet. So I contacted Karla. (The Career Doctor rarely follows up directly with questions, but this sounded like something readers could use.) I asked her to send me information about the job and candidate qualifications. Here’s what she said Liebert Publishing, a publisher of medical journals, books and magazines, is looking for:

Society Coordinator, for a 500-member international physicians’
organization. We seek an experienced and creative associate to be an
integral part of managing and growing this pro-active membership
organization. This individual will be responsible for managing membership
renewal and new member campaigns, developing and supporting member
relations, coordinating an annual international conference and a
Washington Summit, creating relevant web site content, and identifying new
opportunities for organizational growth and development.

A bachelor’s degree, and relevant experience required. A benefit package includes
health care and a collegial and supportive work environment. E-mail cover
letter, resume and salary requirements. ( )

Let me know what happens!

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