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Can A Carefree Person Become A Serious Professional?

Dear Career Doctor:

I went through high school without caring about my grades because I just wanted to play sports. Now through a life changing experience at an ER I’ve enrolled into college and have straight A’s because I want to become a physician. My question is, can I become a physician with a carefree personality lingering in my past?


Dear Chris:

Here’s a secret to living a happy life: keep the good parts of your youthful personality and leave the bad parts behind. You have grown beyond the naive belief that education is unimportant. But I hope you keep other aspects of your carefree young self.

When I was in graduate school, one of my supervisors was an eminent psychiatrist in his ’80′s. He was very smart and well-trained, and I always respected his opinion about the cases I was working on. But what I respected even more than his erudition, was the fact that he could still laugh and have a good time. It didn’t make him less of a serious professional, it just made him a joyful human being. He kept the best part of being a child, without being childish!

This is an important task for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for people who are going into professions like medicine that can be draining, stressful and sometimes depressing. The ability to have a private life, where you leave the worries of the office behind, is the best protection you could possibly have against burnout. So don’t let the carefree personality linger in your past — bring the best parts of it into the present and future.

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3 comments to Can A Carefree Person Become A Serious Professional?

  • Jim Horkheimer

    My roommate freshman year in college was somewhere between a blithe spirit and a wild man. When I visited him about 12 years later, he had become a very serious man. As a young man, I had no direction and was sure I’d be a failure. I’ve had a very successful life on many levels, so I was wrong about myself…..Of course it’s possible to change.

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    When people get older and grow up, they become more serious. They have more accountability and responsibilities. The one thing I know is that change is the only thing that is constantly changing.

    Looking back at how any one was in high school and presuming they are the same 12 or even 20 years down the road, serious or not, is foolish. People change drastically in 10 years time. Serious students also become screw ups too.

    It cuts both ways.


    You are showing responsible behavior and good grades. That is what “counts today.” Some of the craziest, whacky people I knew were physicians in training. Rock N Roll music playing in the OR, silly pranks, but when it came down to their job…they were fully committed. Even physicians need to lighten up at times.

    Your life altering experience may have led to “your calling.” It will take a lot of determination to get through the process. I think you should pursue your dreams.