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by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

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Dear Career Doctor:

I'm a single mother of one, who has applied to my local community college. I know I want to get into the medical field, because there seem to be a lot of medical jobs where I live. I want to pick an area that's not going to take a lot of time to prepare for and will give me a good steady income. Is X-ray tech the best way to go, or is there another career that is in high demand?

Candice R

Dear Candice:

While I have nothing against x-ray technology, I suggest you also look into nursing. Hospitals are having such a difficult time recruiting nurses, that they are offering many special programs. Here, for example, is the employment situation at White Plains Hospital, a fine hospital where many people enjoy working:

People who graduate from a two year associate degree program for Registered Nursing can be hired for $56,000. This is only $4,000 less than the starting salary for RNs who graduate from a 4 year program! Of course, the RNs with a 4 year Bachelor's degree will have greater opportunities for career advancement, but it is possible to start with your associate's degree and pick up the rest of your credits while working.

White Plains is also offering what seems like a fantastic deal for people in your situation: If you have your high school degree or equivalent, and make your desire to help people evident, you could be hired as a Nursing Technician. The hospital will train you for six weeks and then pay you $14.40 and hour. Once again, many people who get hired as nursing techs go on to get their associates degree or bachelors.

While the hospital stressed that they are looking for people who are caring and enjoy helping others, my guess is that they are also looking for people who present a neat, well-scrubbed appearance. After all, you will be working in an atmosphere where cleanliness counts.

The Career Doctor



The Career Doctor™ is Larchmont psychologist and career counselor, Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez.

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