Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits: Book Signing

Larchmont Author, Alexandra LeClere at Anderson's December 10

by Joan R. Simon

(December 1, 2005) How did Larchmont homemaker Alexandra Leclere come to write Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits, a personal memoir about the experiences that led her to become a psychic healer?You would think this soft- Leclerespoken mother of four, with a distinguished career in international television production, would have her hands full with the demands of ordinary suburban life and work. But following a successful alternative healing that allowed her to avoid major invasive surgery, Ms. Leclere began researching various forms of spiritual healing for a television documentary and along the way discovered that she herself had extraordinary healing and psychic gifts.

With an international clientele, Ms. Leclere performs healing sessions at the Oaks Healing Center in New Rochelle and participates in numerous workshops and panels on spiritual health. Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits is the story of her voyage from everyday life to the world of clairvoyance and shamanic healing. “Everyone wants to achieve more insights,” Ms Leclere says. “This whole process is about finding joy. I really never knew it would be possible to feel this way. My process of getting to this place is why I wrote the book.”

bookMs. Leclere talks about power and energy. “Caregivers, especially mothers, have a tendency to give it all away,” she said. “I had a lifetime of giving away my power and energy and it got to the point where I let myself get really sick. I had a choice of doing something about it and getting well or not.”

Ms. Leclere explained: “Part of what’s going on in our society is that we’re being dumbed down. We’re forcing ourselves to live in cubicles where we don’t fit. We’re expected to act a certain way. When we start to feel depressed or despair, the modern alternative is to take drugs.” Her book shows another way. “Even if someone is dubious or has absolutely no interest in communicating with spirits, they can still learn about empowering themselves by reading the book.”

Can anyone do this? “I think it’s like playing the piano,” Ms. Leclere said. “But there are some people that are especially good at it.” She added, “We all are healers to each other, whether it’s taking care of a sick child or a sick friend. We bring energy to these people.”

Ms. Leclere vowed, “If I - coming from a very conservative Westchester community - can follow a path that can take me this far afield from what is commonly accepted,” then perhaps others can dare to pursue their wildest dreams.

Book Signing for
Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits

Anderson’s Bookstore
96 Chatsworth Avenue

Saturday, December 10
2 – 4 pm