A New Stone Commemorates Local Lives Lost on 9-11

by Judy Silberstein

father and son
Uniformed services prepare for laying of a wreath at the "Girl Scout Rock": police, firefighters, and ambulance corps members follow the Girl Scout honor guard. 

(September 11, 2004) A plaque, a stone, a list, a poem - and people gathered to remember those lost three years ago in the attack on the World Trade Center. That's how Larchmont and Mamaroneck officials, police, firefighters, scouts, families and friends commemorated the events on Saturday morning at Memorial Park in the Town of Mamaroneck.

Girl Scout Rock

The group assembled first for a brief ceremony at what's come to be known as "Girl Scout Rock" in the little garden near the train station parking lot, where scouts have placed a memorial plaque. The most solemn moment was a recitation by Town Supervisor Valerie O'Keeffe of names of local residents who died at the twin towers three years ago:

  • Helen Belilovsky
  • John Howard Boulton
  • Douglas G. Karpiloff
  • Frank J. Koestner
  • Maurice Patrick Kelly
  • Helen Crossin-Kittle
  • Patricia Helen Kittle
  • Edward H. Luckett II
  • John Thomas McErlean Jr.
  • Christopher Orgielewicz
  • John Reo
  • John F. Swaine

The assembly then reconvened across the street for the unveiling of a memorial stone, under a commemorative tree planted last year by FIND (Friends in Need), the Larchmont-based organization formed to help the local families impacted by the disaster.

"September 11, 2001 it's not just a date, it's a part of us, just as our loved ones are," Bob Meglio, one of the founders of FIND, told the gathering. Other speakers echoed his words. "We remember, we bear witness across Judaism, across Christianity, across even Islam and Hinduism, we remember.. so those who have fallen are not lost," said Reverend Bill Crawford of Larchmont Avenue Church.

It was a quiet day at the twin towers --- until 8:45 am.
Two planes crashed into the twin towers.
It was a terrorist attack --- Bin Laden's men.
And we honor the firemen --- and the people who helped.

by Carolyn Koestner, age 8, recited on 9-11-04 at Memorial Park

And how do we remember? We mark with a stone, and say a prayer that has no mention of death, but only an appreciation for life, said Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman of Larchmont Temple explaining the Jewish custom.

And so, Carolyn Koestner and Eugene Belilovsky, who each lost a parent on 9/11, helped unveil the stone marker under the dogwood tree that has taken root since last year at edge of the field.

9-11-2004: Memorial Park
Mamaroneck, NY



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