$1 Million Capital Campaign Underway for Manor Park

by Rob Snedeker, Manor Park Society Trustee and Co-chair of the Manor Park Capital Campaign Committee

Manor Park fund-raising brochure

(June 23, 2003) More than two years ago, the trustees of the Larchmont Manor Park Society started work on a plan to provide much needed financial resources for the renewal and preservation of Manor Park and Fountain Square.

Since that time a campaign committee comprised of Society trustees as well as other concerned local residents has developed a comprehensive funding program with an overall goal of raising $1 million.

One-half of the amount raised will be used to repair and renew various park landscape features and structures, such as seawalls, paths and the west gazebo, and to provide an emergency repair fund. The other half will be used to establish a permanent endowment fund with investment returns dedicated to the ongoing maintenance and operation of the Park.

Last week Larchmont residents received a campaign mailing that described the plan and confirmed that contributions of over $650,000 in the form of cash and pledges have been recently received.

Dee Brown, President of the Manor Park Society, said, ”We’re extremely gratified that the campaign has already attracted such strong leadership support from local residents and businesses. Manor Park and Fountain Square are irreplaceable assets that Larchmonters and others have enjoyed for over 100 years. But the renewal and protection of these resources – which are privately owned and receive no public funding – needs to be shared by all who enjoy and use it.”

During the past five years the Manor Park Society annual operating fund drive has received community wide support. “That’s a good indication that many do recognize the Park needs,” noted Brown, who is also co-chair of the capital campaign committee. “We feel confident that the information presented in the solicitation package will bring further understanding of what it takes to protect and preserve for the long haul. We hope that all will be as generous as possible and look to a successful completion of the campaign this fall.”

Note: a copy of this material is available from the Larchmont Manor Park Society - 834-9304.

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