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Amid Smoke, Heat & Water, Firefighters Hone Skills

by Ned Benton


(August 2, 2003) Firefighters from the Village of Larchmont and Town of Mamaroneck Fire Departments swarmed the home at 2 Iselin Terrace on Saturday, August 2. As smoke billowed out the doors, volunteers ventilated the building by breaking windows and cutting through the roof. Others hauled in hoses and doused ceilings, walls and floors with gallons of water.

Then they took a break, lit new flares in the bedroom, and started the exercise all over again. It was all part of a joint training day staged in a home slated for demolition.

Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont volunteer firefighters assemble at 2 Iselin Terrace. Included are David and Adam Maisel, father and son members of the TMFD.


Flares set amidst artificial smoke simulate fires in the basement and second floor bedroom. Firefighters position ladders and stretch hose.


Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department Chief Mike Acocella positions Ladder 19 for access to the roof. Larchmont Firefighter Dennis Delborgo breaks the bedroom window to ventilate heat and fumes, in preparation for the interior attack.


Firefighters stretch hose to the bedroom and extinguish the fire. Others access the roof and cut into it to investigate whether the fire has extended above.


Former Larchmont Fire Department Chief and current Village Trustee Mike Wiener leads a team into the basement.

Within minutes, the "fire" is under control. The Chiefs assess how the departments performed and organize the firefighters for another simulated attack.



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