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Heat, Thunderstorms, Smoke and Flames:
Afternoon Fire in Larchmont Manor Brought Under Control

by Judy Silberstein
Click here for photo essay

fire on Prospect Avenue Smoke and fire at 75 Prospect Avenue in Larchmont Manor: the fire call came in at 5:00 pm Tuesday afternoon. Within a minute of receiving the alarm, the Larchmont Fire Department was on the scene, according to Chief Brian Payne. Smoke was showing from the rear of the home, as a distressed house painter looked on.

"We were being so careful," the painter repeated. However, Chief Payne believes the fire "was definitely started from a heat source used to remove paint from the outside rear of the structure. The painters had been prepping the dormers at the top of the stately three-story home when the fire broke out.

The first responders to the scene came from the Larchmont Police, Sergeant Rigano and Officers Brennan, Carney and Novick, and from the Larchmont Fire Department. The Village of Mamaroneck sent two rigs with personnel to cover the Larchmont firehouse, while the Town of Mamaroneck sent its Ladder 19 and a crew to support the Village of Larchmont fire fighters. Village of Mamaroneck Ladder 20 lent support as well.

VAC (Volunteer Ambulance Corp) appeared with two ambulances and tended to three firefighters suffering from the heat and smoke. With the temperatures in the low 90's at the start of the fire, running up two flights of stairs or up the ladder was difficult for the men in heavy protective gear and air tanks strapped to their backs. A thunderstorm rolled in at the height of the fire, soaking the crews and adding to their discomfort.

Nevertheless the fire was mostly under control by 6:00 pm. "It was a good stop," declared Chief Payne. "We kept it to the floor and mostly to the room of origin. There were no serious injuries. Everybody did a great job. There were at least 30 firefighters on the scene.

Fighting the fire required the departments to run hoses up through the front door and up two flights of stairs. According to Chief Payne, damage from the hose was contained with tarps, as much as possible. Most of the damage was confined to the point of the fire - the attic and the walls and ceiling of a third floor bathroom.

Neighbors and friends of the homeowners gathered across the street and assumed responsibility for the dog, the only family member home when the fire broke out. One friend shook her head in dismay, remarking that this was the second time in a year that fire had damaged the third floor of the Prospect Avenue home as it was undergoing renovation.

Click here for photo essay


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